Sunday, December 06, 2015

837 Lackadaisical Sunday

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week are: lackadaisical, makeshift, and nude.
Plus a bonus extra.

Apologies, by the way.
Haven't written much lately.
Been doing stained glass work.

Lackadaisical Sunday

There is nothing wrong with that:
It’s time to think.

A woman who hated folk nude
Found the modern-day fashions too crude
But beneath all her clothes
Where no-one else goes,
She was as naked as those she eschewed.

We plan our future.
The future has other plans.
They can overlap.

It’s a makeshift life.
All the plans of yesterday
Are just a guideline.

There once was a fellow called Dave,
Who lathered his balls for a shave.
But an unsteady hand
Had an result, unplanned—
No children to mourn at his grave.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015
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  1. Are we going to see any of your lead-light work?
    Your limericks make me smile, but the other snippets are darker, more haunting - and spot on.

  2. Like "makeshift life"... Absolutely true..

  3. All the poems were a delight and a great laugh. I too would love to see your stained glass work.

  4. "We plan our future. / The future has other plans." i do believe this....

  5. you made me smile; have a wonderful Sunday

    much love...

  6. Honestly I crossed my legs at that last Limerick :-) a lackadaisical Sunday sounds so much better

  7. Ouch - I hope Dave has a steady hand! the tone sing-songs but underneath is life's melancholies which often have a habit of screaming on a Sunday...when all you want is to be lackadaisical

  8. Yes, do show your stained glass work! I enjoyed the variety. Was especially struck by the one that talked about future. For sure - one can only plan SO much of the future, as the future will unfold unpredictably anyway....and a bit of 'lackadaisical' is definitely a good thing!

  9. Oh I needed that chuckle at the end....lovely that you work with stained-glass....

  10. Stained glass work is lovely........must be wonderful to produce such beauty. I so enjoyed your offerings today, especially the woman offended by nudity. LOL.

  11. haha - These were fun to read thanks for the laugh..I knew it would be fun as I read the title..

  12. Pure Dave. He might have done better with the lady in the first snippet. Thanks for the smiles,


  13. A productive day, drifting from topic to topic, from laughter and bawdiness to deeper thought and back again.

  14. Wonderful, from serious to bawdy limericks, back again and back again. Stained glass, my favorite, an impressively difficult art form. I am thinking about art fusion and mosaics.


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