Wednesday, March 29, 2017

1001 - The Door

Haiku Horizons prompt : Door.

The Door

Starting a new year—
Birthdays can be like a door:
A new room beckons.

Rearrange the chairs,
Tidy up the mantelpiece,
Make yourself at home.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2017

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  1. I am not certain I am ready to enter some of those rooms. They are increasingly cluttered with pain, regrets and disability. I need a clean-out. A big clean-out.

  2. Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy your day. Your place is nice. Leave the mantlepiece....just remove the urn with the ashes in it:)...LOL.and while you're at it put the champagne flutes in the freezer for a few minutes before serving the champers!

  3. I wouldn't mind take a step backwards through a couple of relive some of the fun times. :)

  4. The second haiku is very harmonious (in sound). Kudos


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