Sunday, December 03, 2017

1159 - For whom the jingle bells toll

Company Christmas Party on Friday.
The music was too loud to talk.
I am too old to put up with it.

For whom the jingle bells toll.

"No man is an island"
I can relate to the meaning inferred
But such wisdom departs
When the dance music starts
And no-one can hear or be heard.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2017

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  1. It helps as you get older as you get deafer. Don't be conned into getting hearing aids as you'll be happier without!

  2. I laughed. I'm getting to the age where I prefer the music turned down, thank you very much. I still love to dance, but quiet and conversation are nice too.

  3. oh dear its that time of the years


    much love...

  4. Ha... but we can dance to the dance music if we want.

  5. LOL. Lovely to see you, Cosmo. I'm with you. Loud noise just doesnt cut it any more. I prefer silence, much of the time.

  6. Haha... no more eggnog and Bing Crosby... Gone!
    Thanks for the smile and agreement.

  7. Oh the party ceases to be fun when the volume is turned up either with music or loud conversation...I seek the solitude of the island.

  8. Ah for those days when one could have a cocktail with friends and engage in quiet conversation while background music softly plays! I loved your rhyme!

  9. Conversation? No one does that can just text each other:)


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