Sunday, January 14, 2018

1164 - The Precious

The Precious.

There was a young princess, quite pretty,
Whose attitude edged on the shitty.
The chief tool of her trade
Was a guilt-trip tirade,
Followed by a funk of self-pity.

A pretend princess—
Lacks the graces of the job;
Just wants the title.
© 2018 J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. The world certainly has a lot of these princesses in

  2. You just can't win with princesses best choose a girl you are more compatible with, chances are she feel like a princess for you.

  3. I think there are lot of people out there who want the title (and the pay that goes with it) without having to do the job.

  4. Not a true princess. I enjoyed this, Cosmo. Nice to see you this Sunday morning.

  5. Once a sweet and prim little princess
    said "I'm better than you I must stress"
    but stuck on repeat
    and no longer sweet
    she's lonely as you might have guessed

  6. I love the limerick ... and I've met more than a few pretend princesses!

  7. At least that princess was pretty. I can think of more than one (of both genders) who only think they are.

  8. Oh so good - and I know some of those 'princesses' too. And a few princes...
    Anna :o]

  9. Nasty attitudes and self-pity seem to run hand-in-hand. One would think that a person would let go of the first in or order to remedy the second. But that would make too much sense, I guess.

  10. We all have flaws, even royalty. I do like your limerick. The rhymes make it bounce like someone throwing a tantrum,


  11. I know her well. A bad attitude and self-pity may not seem to come out of the same head space, but I think that they are both traits of an egocentric personality - the Me-Me-Me'ers in our lives ... No matter what it is: it is all about them. They are great vexations to one's spirits, for sure. A brilliant - and bang-on - piece of satire.


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