Sunday, January 28, 2018

1166 - Idle Thoughts on A Hot Sunday

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #336) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece. 

The words this week are:

magic, ransom, band, rain, trample, tale,
cat, change, aim, dangerously, dense, day

Idle Thoughts on A Hot Sunday

To each comes it’s own—
Every dog shall have its day;
The cats get the best spot.


Forty Two degrees—
Centigrade, not Fahrenheit,
Dangerously dry.

The weather changes:
The rain bands pass overhead
But hold in the rain.


What killed the magic?
Peering at their mobile phones,
All else seems boring.

So are they just dense?
Unseeing and uncaring—
They trample on life.

A retirement plan—
Kidnap all the wretched phones;
Hold them to ransom.

Do they have an aim?
What tale will they tell their kids?
Will the kids listen?
© 2018 J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. Mobile phones are a scourge - we can only hope the next generation look up from their screens occasionally

  2. I think that the screens are like drugs... and I wonder if we should all refrain to save the addicted.

  3. Staring at their devices means they are missing out on real life, becoming
    zombies obeying the call of central controllers! Meanwhile us dissidents will slowly disappear without a tra....!

  4. Some days I wish someone would kidnap my phone, but I fear it'd be a Ransom of Red Chief situation.

  5. I agree about phones. I do think they have killed some of the magic of living, as we all stare into our little boxes instead of contemplating who/what is around.

  6. I agree about the phones too! It's ridiculous how people pay more attention to them instead of listening to a conversation.

  7. I do believe that phones are killing the magic of life, staring at pictures on a phone instead of the landscape before their eyes. I think it needs to be in moderation, finding balance with the digital world and the real world.

  8. Ha, the kids are all staring at screens too. I think they are all missing the magic, living inside those little boxes. We are a strange species.

  9. Truth, as I read this poem on a phone. I agree, but am also torn as technology has also spread some good words and beauty around.

  10. Everything changes....what will they miss, not living in our time? What did we miss not living in our parents time? They will choose their way, and it seems the majority have chosen, the plane lands, the phones are pressed to their ears...I don't? I wonder who are they calling? Is it a complaint? Just a statement? Or making plans for later? We begin to wonder if we belong here?

  11. I dislike mobile phones although I have one, a very basic one, that I use as a phone and don't text.
    As Mary has commented: I do think they have killed some of the magic of living, as we all stare into our little boxes instead of contemplating who/what is around.
    Anna :o]

  12. Somewhere I saw a video of people on their mobile phones walking into light poles, fountains, manholes, etc. It occurred to me their world became so small they fell into it! I enjoyed your poem.

  13. It clearly is becoming a different we built and haven't learned how to use properly : )

  14. "Do they have an aim?
    What tale will they tell their kids?
    Will the kids listen?"

    Luv the last one best for its ring of constancy for every age

    much love...

  15. I think these thoughts are anything-but: idle.

    About the phones, I totally agree. I still manage to make my way through life without one ... though it gets more challenging, all the time. Modernity seems to run on the assumption that everyone is available: always. That is strong punishment, it seems to me, for a bit of ease and dubious 'entertainment'.

  16. Just like print killed the oral tradition, these gadgets are killing the print tradition. We are cycling back to wordlessness. Soon we will grunt again.

  17. My sentiments too, another fine read.

  18. Kids who listen? What wondrous miracle is this!


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