Tuesday, July 02, 2019

1199 - Past Lessens

Past Lessens
An anniversary.
What better than a rondeau?

But don’t forget that life goes on,
Events should end once they have gone,
Yet the human mind is a queer machine,
Sometimes kind but often mean,
It drags things back from the beyond
To make you relive and dwell upon
The unpleasant things you’ve undergone.
It’s time to wipe the blackboard clean,
But don’t forget.

And this is the strange phenomenon,
To learn our lessons, pro and con,
But not fall into that dark ravine,
To learn the lessons but shun the spleen.
To not forgive would be quite wrong.
But don’t forget.
© 2019 J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Sadhuru provides great advice about what to do with our minds chatter https://youtu.be/LNyJgNjCDuU

    1. Interesting. Not exactly what I was on about but very useful in other areas, thank you!

  2. Love the twist on lessens and lessons. How I wish the past did diminish rather a lot of things resident in my head. There are things I would love to evict.


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