Friday, April 19, 2024

1604 - The Crystal Ball


The Sunday Whirl presents twelve words for us to use in a creative writing piece.  
This weeks words are:

twigs, divine, wake, blood, wallow, cell, memory, 
ancestors, crystal, creation, ledge, unbroken

The Crystal Ball

As twigs sprout where old leaves once lay,  
Through divine breath, life finds its way.
In its wake, a memory of ancestors past,
A blood-line that will likely outlast
Those who would destroy this creation,
Ignoring its causation,
Destroying its foundation,
Oblivious to implied probation,
Teetering on the ledge of annihilation,
It is our home, it is our cell,
What the future offers is not hard to tell,
As we wallow in our self-made residue
Unbroken, the cycle spins anew,  
We crew are just superfluous—
The planet has no need for us.

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  1. True, even if mankind vanishes, the planet will lose nothing. Lovely.

  2. Superfluous indeed. And probably deserved unwelcome.

  3. Yes, one hardly needs a crystal ball to come to that conclusion! It is we who need the planet – pity we didn't figure that out a lot earlier.

  4. yes we all have our part to play - hopefully it is not too late. Well done.

  5. I think we're part of a plan--we think we're the central part, but that may be part of our self-focus.


  6. A gorgeous stream of consciousness poem .... well done!!!

  7. How soon can we learn that the planet is not to be destroyed by war hungry mobs ?

  8. The planet certainly has no need for us destroying it at a rate of knots....Rall

  9. This is beautiful and sad in its veracity.


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