Sunday, March 20, 2011

CCXIX - A sonnet to a brilliant mind


Australian Mensa has a poetry competition going at the moment.
The topic is 'Brilliance'. I probably wont submit this poem.

A sonnet to a brilliant mind.

There was no doubt that he was smart,
He clearly knew a thing or two.
He recited Latin off by heart
And knew the physics of the letter mu.

But our hero had a fatal trait,
Too common in those quite bright:
In finding fault and setting it straight,
Brilliance throws an unkind light.

He loved to take the pedant’s role
And publicly skewer the defenceless:
It got too much for one poor soul
Who turned and beat him senseless.

So now, beneath the daisies, in the danky peat
He instructs the little earthworms on the proper way to eat.

© 2011 J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. well, at least he is now good at fertilizing the daisies ..

    and why not submit it?

  2. LOL - hilarious look at the extreme side of brilliance!

  3. I think it is 'brilliant' dear J Cosmo, I think you should submit it.
    Lovely image also!

    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Excellent! Of course you should submit it.

  5. Sounds like they buried him too deep and he popped up over here. {*grin*}

    I say submit.

  6. Heehee, clever one! Yes, submit!

  7. I've told you before: please don't write poems about me!

  8. Just three words.
    Fac ut vivas.
    Mensa that!

  9. Dearie me. The downside with the incurably bright is often an absence of humour. :)

  10. Marmalade MollFebruary 11, 2014

    Goodness...some people are just so terribly rude!LOL


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