Sunday, March 27, 2011

CCXX - Misplaced Infusiasm

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Misplaced Infusiasm

Tea drinkers are a diverse lot:
Jigglers, danglers and ceramic pots.
Some love to stew
Their herbal brew
While others would definitely not.

Some opt for China cups with class,
While others sip it from a glass.
There’s a profusion
Of different infusions,
The majority tasting like grass.

The purveyors of the dried leaf
Instil in their followers a belief
That the polyphenolics
Will make the tea-oholic’s
Stay on this planet quite long, not brief.

Thus buoyed with herbal enthusiasm
For their drug’s medicinal infusiasm
They look rather silly
As they gild the lily
And just add to the dietary confusiasm.

With a certainty that usually rankles
We are told, tea when drunk by the tank’ll,
Cure all known ills,
The pox and the chills,
And the spots that appear on your ankles.

Tea drinking has many who employ it
And, as a ritual, I’ve no wish to destroy it.
There’s a reason, I agree,
For partaking in tea:
You do it because you enjoy it.

© 2011 J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. Have you considered a nice cup of tea and a wee lie down?

  2. This is a very impressive poem dear J Cosmo, it reminds me of all the lovely ways I can enjoy my tea. :)

    xoxoxo ♡

  3. i think i'll have my black tea hot with a wee bit of irish whiskey and perhaps a dash of lemon and honey ...

    actually, i i think i'll have that right now. just the thing for a dreary cold damp sunday afternoon.

  4. 'have it because you enjoy it' the best philosophy.

  5. You do it because the coffee can is empty.

    How's that for the quintessential American ending?

  6. Amen... I love tea, but adore coffee even more!

  7. You're missing the point, Cosmo. If you drink tea, you won't live longer. It'll just feel that way. Coffee does the reverse. :)

  8. Lovely. I'm off to put the kettle on right now...

  9. Hi

    Just came across your blog via 'one minute' and am hooked! Your witty poems have had me giggling to myself so much that I am quite glad nobody is here to see me or they might think I'm mad.

    Much impressed with your brilliance! Keep it up - I shall be following and keen to learn!

    glh :)


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