Sunday, January 15, 2012

CCLXXII - The Soloist

 Sunday Scribblings had the topic "Tribe"

The Soloist

It’s four o’clock in the morning:
A swimmer is lapping the pool.
Sometime later, my alarm goes;
And I curse it for being so cruel.

A well-structured diet of raw protein
Helps a weightlifter prepare to jerk*
I have some toast and some coffee
And make a sandwich to take off to work.

The runner relentlessly circles the track,
His cartilage pounded to jelly.
I shower with my back to the mirror
To ignore the bulge of my belly.

The cyclist is pushing the limits,
On the monitors, the heart-rate red-lines.
I enjoy a quiet and relaxing evenings
With a relatively decent bedtimes.

There’s no denying the dedication
Of athletes in pursuit of their dream.
But there’s not one bone in my body
That wants to be part of their team.

“It’s Gold, Gold, Gold for Australia!”
The announcer screams with delight,
Don’t  give me that tribal nonsense;
I’ve gone to bed for the night.


© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery

*Well, that’s what they call it...

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  1. What? You mean that you are not a 'team player'? That's very unfashionable, you know!

  2. Diane HaldaneJanuary 15, 2012

    I do the whole 'back to the mirror' thing, too :).

  3. Impressive - a stanza a day and then this! I'm with you. Give me a nice warm bed any day ...!


  4. The dedication of some athletes is definitely phenomenal. Though we cannot all be world class athletes, we can all push our own limits, I think; whether physically or mentally (or both). And we all DO need to be able to face the mirror and see what it reflects. Just my opinion.

  5. Mary: Someone, who shall remain nameless, has the following posted on her blog: "Please do NOt make the mistake of assuming that all poems are autobiographical. PLEASE just comment the poems as they stand in their own right." ;-)

  6. Each of us must do what we do. I quite like writing at 5.30 in the morning when I wake up. That is real dedication!

  7. Probably what really got me to right this is the whole tribal nonsense that takes the personal efforts of a driven individual and makes it a national triumph. Australia did not win any gold medals at the last olympics - individuals with very personal passions did.

  8. Some people train to be athletes and some people write about them. Love all your descriptions! Glad you are practicing your talent!

  9. I was getting out of breath reading this - then I came to last couple of lines. That's more like it I thought! I've got the Olympics just up the road from me soon; I may just write about it!

  10. Phew..this was a sprint..of words..and sport..and life! Jae

  11. Ooh, a cracking pace right up to the finish line!!

  12. "His cartilage pounded to jelly."

    Athletes have such dedication but it does take a toll on their bodies. I used to be a runner but now I have problems with my Achilles tendons and left knee.

  13. Love the contrast between elite athletes and the rest of us!

  14. I admire their stamina - from the comfort of my bed :)

  15. I sympathise. I'll push myself to overcome my reluctance to exercise, now and then, for my overall wellbeing, but the team player bit, the tribalism and really any kind of competitiveness is not my thing and never has been.

  16. Getting up off the sofa to do a bit of Yoga is enough for me..perfectly stated as always Cosmo.


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