Sunday, January 22, 2012

CCLXXIII - The Bone Fence


One Minute Writer had a topic "Prison"

The Bone Fence

Rules and regulations run our lives,
Controlled by Governmental elves,
But the strongest rules that hold us in
Are the ones we write ourselves.

We temper what we say or do
To avoid the proverbial stink.
A nasty question’s always there:
What would the neighbours think?

But do they really care at all,
These people over the fence?
Surely the problem’s theirs, not yours,
If they chose to take offense?

So, in deference to the social norms,
We keep our hearts withdrawn.
Is it really such a terrible thing
To dance naked on the lawn?


© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. haha...depends on how high the fence is...smiles
    i agree..sometimes we cage ourselves with our own rules...and this is sad..

  2. Love the poem.

    Yes, the strongest barriers we often see are ones which we have made for ourselves. Or the ones set by society which we have imposed upon ourselves.

  3. True. I drive myself hardest and also criticise myself most. Sad but true.

    And if naked dancing is your worst crime I think you are doing pretty well.

  4. I am thinking that if you are being a dancer on the grasses then it is being a dance that is best being done on a night that is being without a moon. Or is this being the reason that you are being a dancer?

  5. Thank you Princess. It was more a metaphor that an actual specific desire on my part.

  6. Diane HaldaneJanuary 22, 2012

    And now I have images of you that I probably oughtn't... ;)

  7. Diane: I hope your medical insurance covers post-traumatic stress disorder.

  8. We do make our own rules and sometimes set standards for ourselves which are limiting but we do have to live peacefully within society.
    I really like this poem with its light-hearted finish. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  9. I've finally gotten to the point in my life where I realize it's none of my business what the neighbor thinks... it's hard sometimes, though.

  10. Dancing naked on the lawn would be fine if we could see the line these days. LOL.

  11. i am all for naked lawn dancing...its a little cold out right perhaps when it s a bit warmer...smiles. i get the metaphor though for sure...

  12. Yes, the neighbors aren't the ones living our lives, and vice versa--think people would be a lot happier if they thought more about that concept.

  13. Too many rules. Too many rulers.

  14. quite a set of comments here, and yet is there one more word?
    Well, sort'a if you don't mind this small nuance be heard.
    But up these parts
    the only farts
    who are maked on their lawns?
    Are poar bears,
    wearing no underwears,
    well, except for the fur they have on.

    It's cold, you know,
    and after the snow
    Only fleeting peeks of pink can be seen.
    But, in the bright of the day
    and dare I also say
    No fence between me and those preaching, "obscene"

    The moonlight is fine
    but far from town and neighbor
    I can prance about mine
    without fear of being called "bad behavior"

    Just, not right now...
    Too much snow, and how!


  15. and who controls the governmental elves? someone evil, for sure.

  16. Well, it's not Santa, that's for sure.

  17. Boneman! Good to see you!

    Good to see you clothed too.

  18. It would be pretty terrible here in Canada in January...brrrrrrrr.

  19. Brilliant stuff! And if you want to dance naked - then yes, please do!

  20. ooooo I like this one a lot!

  21. Loved it. Reminds me that we should never sit on the fence over these things, especially naked.

  22. This was awesome, J Cosmo. Personally, there are some neighbors who I would prefer NOT to see dancing on the lawn! :)


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