Sunday, February 26, 2012

CCLXXIX - The Elemental Cycle


One Single Impression had the prompt "Elemental".

The Elemental Cycle

We’re born, we live, we die, we’re gone
But the basic atoms still live on.
As Sherlock would say
In a roundabout way:
“It’s elementary, Dr Watson.”

There’s a thought that I try to suppress
To avoid any unwanted distress:
I find it quite queer
That, this time next year,
All of my atoms will have a different address.

While it’s both troubling and vexed
Wondering where I might reappear next
It helps to console
My warrior soul
That bits of me were once a T-Rex.

When my elements are so hurled
It’s not just to the animal world:
My carbons may have spread
Through the fine cotton threads
Of the blouse of the sweetest young girl.

Harder to accept, but equally true,
Are the dark deeds that my atoms accrue,
There’s a finite chance
That, in Hitler’s pants,
Was a nitrogen, now part of my crew.

So, as you caress your beloved, beneath a tree,
With bread and wine and hormonal glee,
Spare a small thought
During this sensual sport,
That a part of your lover may once have been me.


© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. I am thinking that you being a creature that is having a warrior soul is to be taking the truth and to be extending it excessively.

  2. Hormonally fuelled caressing will never be quite the same again.

  3. And just why will your atoms have a different address next year, huh?

    And on the same and strange note. A wee child (ca.6) just recently told me about being a rodeo rider in 1952. When itold him that I was not even born then, he said, " of course, you weren't.". He proceeded to tell me he was on the rodeo circuioffer 18 years. Talk about knowing where your atoms have been ...

  4. very witty :-)

  5. Foam: Because this time next year I will have a completely new set of atoms in my body. Except tooth fillings, I guess.

  6. Puts a whole new perspective on a fresh start.

  7. I like your poem, J. It builds up nicely to the last line which is a real 'kicker.'
    The rhyme scheme is nice too. :)

  8. Haaa! I snorted coffee and choked while reading this one...! I always knew we were soul siblings ;)


  9. What a fun multi-verse limerick take on that prompt!

  10. Wonderful and very witty, you could very well be a part of my blouse. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  11. This is incredibly clever and cool!

  12. Miss Dianne, I am thinking that you should not be encouraging him. I am thinking that it is indeed a blessing that he did not choose a more intimate item of apparel.

  13. Princess! Really! I am blushing!

  14. Hmm, never thought of it this way, but now I do and thanks for this funny eye opener :-)

  15. Dear Princess do not be alarmed, J Cosmo is such a gentleman he would not choose a more intimate item of apparel...well, I don't think he would. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  16. (Loud, dramatic organ chords followed by prolonged wicked laughter echoing through the rafters...), of course not.

  17. Hey! Find your own theatre!

  18. I thought it was his theatre?

  19. The idea that a discarded part of you may now be part of me is a worrying one.

  20. Fabulous poem! You are so clever! Love the stanza about dark deeds and "in Hitler's pants." Too funny.

  21. What goes around comes around...
    well, I'm glad you recycle!


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