Monday, February 27, 2012

Repost - Word Verification Limerick

Some people love word verification. Not sure why.
I don't do it and have not had any problems.  Blogger intercepts all spam for me.
I tend not to visit blogs that require me to prove I am not a robot.
That's a human response.
I wrote the above limerick some time ago - time for a reprint.
Using words taken from Word Verification windows, of course.

Translated, it reads:
Word verification is the pits
When doing a blog comments blitz
To say verification
Is a mild irritation
Is wrong, in reality it gives me quite a lot of bother.


© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. And your final line is much like saying that firetruck is the word that starts with eff and ends in uck. Though classier of course.

  2. I so agree with you on this. Good post!

  3. Yes, I agree it is irritating, now we have 'two' words to be verified to leave a comment and some are barely legible.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Good one!

    I rarely leave comments on blogs that have word verification.

  5. One blogger friend has it and can't get rid of it.
    I agree, blogger sends all suspect comments to the spam folder so there's not really any need to have it on and if you moderate anyway, what's the point?
    I moved from Wordpress because blogger is easier to use, but they seem determined to mess about with something that works perfectly well as it is. I really dislike the new interface too, and my widgets have vanished from the pages, so now I have to take two steps to get to things instead of one.

  6. I agree, I don't care for it either, hope I don't have it on my blog, I can't remember........ how are you Cosmo?

  7. Bother... nicely put. I like the way the meter of that line bogs down. I can never read those verification words anyway. lfirlda stuijicl looks like friggin stupid to me.

  8. I'm in agreement with all of the above! F***k word verification!


  9. Now that is cute!
    (for a robot)

  10. I agree wholeheartedly. Fact is, blogger's robot-defenders have become blurry and unintelligible, which adds to the frustration that half the time, they do not recognize my wordpress account name! Last line is a hoot, by the way, loved this satirical doggerel! Amy

  11. Hi I didnt even know the damn word verification was on again! Took me about an hour to remove it, had to visit my old dashboard! I only hope it worked!

    Best wishes have a great weekend!

  12. Hi,Cosmo! I had not triggered off the WV, so I thought until someone pointed it out to me. I didn't realize it is on. I tried to get rid of it but it messed up my dashboard. I'm still trying to get to terms with it.


  13. Oh I do hate the new two-word verification!

    Well written.

  14. Agreed, and now they have doubled the aggravation by adding two of these annoyances! Ugh!

    Great verse!

  15. Like it! very clever. :D #

    Sometimes word verifications are surprisingly appropriate, though not the boring old ones on Blogger.

  16. Hahahahaaaa.
    I'm going to have a little private chuckle to myself from now on when I hear my elderly neighbour saying "Oh, bother".
    Heh heh heh. Gold Cosmo, Gold!

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