Sunday, April 01, 2012

CCLXXXIX - Nightmare II - The Goblin's Dream

dVerse had the prompt 'Nightmare'.
I had two takes on it.  This is the second:

The Goblin’s Dream

With a goblin on her breast festooned,
She took one look and promptly swooned.
There he sat, unimpressed,
Wanting her to be undressed;
And, crudely put, to be harpooned.

“I suggest you do not waste your scream,
Things are really as they seem.
There is no Prince to save the day
I plan to have my wicked way,
Your nightmare will be this goblin’s dream!”

Alas there was a cross-fruition
Of this nightmare coalition.
The offspring of the evil deed,
When the goblin sowed his seed,
Is now the Leader of the Opposition.

© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. ha he got his just deserts then...karma can be a wicked witch...smiles.

  2. LOL - he walks like a monkey!

  3. Red that's a nightmare!

  4. Well that's justice then! Like the way this stays true to the widely accepted interpretation of Fuseli's ''nightmare' but then has that cheeky little twist in its tail! Nice rhythmical form too!

  5. Wonderful twist in the tale!

  6. Nice poetry form...this is limerick, correct?

    I like your tongue in cheek humor...leader of the opposition..he..he...

  7. Love it! "ladyfi" said what I was going to I will say it just a bit differently: I love your twisted humor in this poem.

  8. Very well written dear J Cosmo, I agree with Karen!
    xoxoxo ♡

  9. Though now the leader of the opposition,
    that's not the limit of his ambition,
    to cause the government to fall
    and then to rule over you all
    and make you think it was your decision.

    Nice humour, but the trouble wth political jokes is that we elect them too often.

  10. Aha! I always figured the opposite side to be devil's spawn, or goblin spawn in this case.

  11. the prince that saves the day is when you wake up.

    semantic feeling

  12. the prince that saves the day is when you wake up.

    semantic feeling


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