Wednesday, June 06, 2012

CCCX - Fickle

One Single Impression has a prompt "Fickle".
So, here is a limerick about fickle.

It is in response to the prompt, okay?  No people, living or dead, 
were in my mind when I wrote this terrible stereotyping of half the human race.  
I can't vouch for Verdi's mind.


Women have a habit, you’ll find,
Of randomly changing their mind.
As Verdi was prone to say
“La donna è mobile”
But, in Italian, to protect his behind. 


La donna è mobile : Woman is fickle. (Rigoletto)
Being in Italian, 'mobile' is pronouced 'mow-bill-ay'.

© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. If you have to explain it ....!


  2. RDG: Yeah, I know but there are lots of people who read but never comment. Perhaps they are shy. Perhaps they don't understand. i am just trying to be helpful.

  3. AnonymousJune 08, 2012

    Women aren't as fickle as some men I know!

  4. I am thinking that you are skating on ice that is being very poorly represented in the vertical dimension.

  5. Cosmo - I love that Princess Tikka ...


  6. In Italian to protect his behind? So he clearly wasn't saying it to Italian women, then. ;-)

    Our friend Lee has been very quiet, Cosmo, how's he been?

  7. Celia: Lee is a harmless drudge and, when not working, spends his time gardening and dabbling in the kitchen. He has misguided intentions of reproducing Heston's creations and has, remarkably, pulled some of them off. I drop around frequently for dinners and we discuss gardens and food. Your delightful blog rates mentions frequently.

  8. Now that was just delightful! And here I was, expecting the word "pickle".

  9. I don't change my mind. But then again, maybe I do xx

  10. Hahaha I'd argue that! but may not rhyme as well! :D x


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