Sunday, June 17, 2012

CCCXIV - Never in Doubt

Mad Kane has a regular limerick challenge.
She provides the first line, the rest is up to us.

A man who was never in doubt
Of what fine eating was about
Said “Life would be finer
For the discerning diner,
If we were rid of the Brussels Sprout”.

© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery

On this theme, I wrote the following poem, some years ago:

Satan's Bollocks

By and large I love my greens,
My parents taught me right
Broccoli, spinach, peas and beans
I’ll gladly eat all night.

But the green that gives me much disgust
Is the dreaded Brussel Sprout;
By all means, cook them if you must,
Then... chuck the buggers out.

My childhood dinners ended late
I was ordered: eat the lot
So I slipped them slyly off my plate
And stuffed them down my socks.

Now sprout fans, please retreat
I don’t wish to be debatin’;
You’ll never convince me to eat
Those sulphurous balls of Satan.

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  1. Diane GroothuisJune 17, 2012

    Love your poem about the "sulphurous balls of Satan" . I do actually like them but they used to make my son wet the bed as they are also full of potassium. I am sure you can live without them given all the other vegies you mention.

  2. AnonymousJune 17, 2012

    LOL - they are indeed sulphorous. I do enjoy eating a few - only a few - at Christmas time.. The rest of the year is Brussel sprout-free.

  3. clever take on those much-hated by many veggies

  4. I could eat a plate full of brussels and nothing else. I LOve 'em.

  5. Sue J: I believe the term for you is 'statistical outlier'!

  6. Kathy El-AssalJune 17, 2012

    My husband can make them quite palatable with the addition of things like vinaigrette and bacon. But like Diane, I love the line "sulphurous balls of Satan."

  7. True, true, so true, me detest them too! Very well played wordly! Hx

  8. LOL! You're just sprouting with sprout antipathy. I enjoyed both poems. And thanks as always for participating in my Limerick-Offs!

  9. Oh dear, and I so LOVE Brussels sprouts.


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