Thursday, August 02, 2012

CCCL - The Muses

The Muses

To the lovely ladies of my life
Who give me reason to be writing,
As a stone can edge a knife,
I find your influence delighting.

Some of you know who you are
Others may but guess;
Some are near and some quite far
But each of you impress.

You are the focus of my thoughts,
In the topic or the refinement.
You are the buttress and supports
Of my creative self-alignment.

Approval warms me like the sun
And can temper indiscretion.
“Will you like what I have done?”
Is the ever present question.

O, lovely ladies, hear my praise,
As in my heart, I hold your hand.
I love you all, in different ways;
I know that you will understand.

© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. Oh, so sweet, JCN! Sharing the love 'round. :D

  2. (looks at the ground, blushes, shuffles awkwardly...)

  3. I am thinking that this is being a poem that is being about me but I am also wondering about the identities of the plurality of woman who are being in your life? Is this being faithlessness on the part of yourself?

  4. oh princess you do know how to cut to the chase ....

    enchanting, cosmo


  5. Yes, she is presuming too much. I wasn't planning to answer her.

    Thank you RDG.

  6. What a lovely tribute to the women in your life. I hope you are suitably cherished.

  7. Good one ... delightful read :-)

  8. Maaaate! You should never, and I mean NEVER let any woman know there has EVER been another! Now you're stuffed!.... unless you endlessly beg forgiveness and buy her a new Beamer.

  9. No Beamer on this horizon! (Sorry ladies!)

    It is worst than you fear - it is not that there has EVER been another, there ARE others.

  10. JCosmo, I think we all write for ourselves (at least I will speak for myself) but also hope that our writing is enjoyed by others. It just FEELS good when we know that we do not write in a vacuum! Cheers!!

  11. Elephant's Child: Cherished, I like that word.

    Mary: Absolutely.

  12. This is so lovely dear J Cosmo, a sweet tribute to the women in your life.

    xoxoxo ♡

  13. Nice and playful, with a touch of joyful.
    Mary's comment says it best. And all this is very topical to my summer blog feelings. It is almost as if certain emotions float through the e-sphere unaided and coming from various sources at once.

  14. Visiting once again today from Poetry Pantry, J. Cosmo. This poem gave me a smile yet again. This def is one of my favorites of yours!!

  15. They should feel honored to be your muses!!! Lovely write

  16. You've done it again, but I'm not surprised. Lovely, lovely tribute, it really warmed my heart. I loved the lines ... As a stone can edge a knife, /I find your influence delighting. You have such a way with words...

  17. Nice to acknowledge your inspirations~ It's nice to receive lovely comments to our work ~

    I do like "approval warms me like the sun ~

  18. I LOVE THIS POEM! You've written a piece that every female reader will assume refers to her.

  19. You sound exactly like my fact I think you are my ex
    I would just like to reiterate that I am not sorry that I ripped up all your suits,grafitti'd your car and donated all your wine collection to charity.

  20. Considerate and loving poem! Well written and very beautiful!


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