Thursday, August 02, 2012

CCCLI - The Threshold

Illustration: Leah Pearlman

Three Word Wednesday posed the challenge:
write something using the three words "emotion", "falter" and "touch".

The Threshold.

We are emotional beings,
And certain joys are clutched:
To give and to receive,
To share and to be touched,
To engage at a deeper level
Than that of social needs
Is one of life’s rare treasures,
A flower amongst life’s weeds.
Many, though, will falter,
Not knowing how to start;
That for things for them to alter
They must open up their heart.

© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. One who has people to relate to at more than a social level is a fortunate person indeed! Well penned.

  2. To make that connection is something
    we all search for..difficult to find. A lovely thought provoking poem.

  3. Beautiful! I am in love! With the way you write! x

  4. It can be such a tough threshold to cross..very true though..maybe practice makes it easier..jae

  5. super rhyme and message within...

  6. Beautifully written and lovely message. For those of us scarred by the opening of their hearts it does become harder and harder to keep doing so. The rewards need to be greater than the risks, but you can never tell that at the start. Still, life should be lived without regrets!

  7. Thank you, Fjay. It is like gardening - the crop is far greater than the seeds planted.


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