Sunday, August 05, 2012

CCCLVII - Strings

Carry On Tuesday asked us to start with Shakespeare's line
"All the world's a stage" and take it where we will.


All the world’s a stage
For an odd performing art;
There is a cast of millions
But few real leading parts.

Who runs this global playhouse?
Who drives the show?  And how?
If we were to shout out ‘Author!”
Who would rise to take a bow?

Who manipulates the scenery?
Who provides the props and things?
Who drives the major storyline,
As we improvise in the wings?

“All the world’s a stage”
The Bard most famously said;
But are we really actors?
Or have we been misled?

© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. I don't think anyone's running the show. Many of the wheels have fallen off!

  2. The director of the play is recently escaped from a lunatic asylum. But he seems strangely normal, so people play along.

    Life's a play told by a fool. . . .

    Besides, sanity is seriously over-rated.

  3. This is so appropriate to how I am feeling today.

    Well written...well said, Cosmo. Thank you.

  4. Profound and thought-worthy!

  5. And if we are all actors who is in the audience?
    ladyfi is right though. As usual you have left me thinking, thinking, thinking...

  6. Depressingly good question. Well said!

  7. The last stanza really reflects the irony in the poem ... wonderfully done!!!

  8. Excellent performance and great closing line.

  9. Now there's a question! Thanks so much for joining in Carry On Tuesday. It's really appreciated.

  10. Thought provoking! This piece was excellently written. Visiting from Carry On Tuesday.

  11. Gives a lot to think about...Just who is running the show and are we actors or puppets? Great job!

  12. To use another famous quote:
    'And therein lies the rub'
    We are all merely puppets of whomever the money folks are that are pulling our strings, aren't we.

  13. I loved the way you wrote for this prompt! ;)

  14. It's an audience participation thing, right? Love the reference to Will ...... and as always, love your clever, flowing rhymes....


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