Sunday, October 07, 2012

CCCLXXXVII - Six Thirty For Seven

dVerse prompts us to write on some aspect of food.
Here is an offering about a dinner party.
All comments are ficticious.  I don't even have a cat.

Six Thirty For Seven

Oh darling!  So lovely to see you!
Do come in!  Here, let me take that.
Now, who can I introduce you to?
Just put them over there.  Ignore the cat.

…Tell me, what would you like to drink?
…He’s out playing with the barbecue
…Never mind, there’s a cloth over by the sink
…Hi!  I’m in banking, what do you do?

…This dip is absolutely delicious!
…Of course it’s true, it was on the news
…I thought he was needlessly vicious
…Tell me where you bought those shoes!

…Opinion polls are always skewed
…The umpire’s decision cost us the game
…No salad for him – he calls it ‘rabbit food’
…Now she’s left, the show's just not the same

…I think the whole system’s on the nose
…I’m the same size as on my wedding day
…There’s always next year, I suppose
…Can you pass the dressing down this way?

…Oh, that cake is superb, it’s just divine!
…We must see the war through to the end
…Nothing in a box should be labelled wine
…Talkback hosts are expected to offend

…Things are clearly rotten at the top
…Did you see they’ve made a mechanical cow?
…Some friends took me to a sex shop
…Would anyone like a coffee now?

…I wasn’t really asking your advice
…That is a really unusual ring tone
…Those chocolates are far, far too nice
…Look at the time!  The night has flown!

The folk depart with well-meant wishes,
Things in the house return to norm;
The dishwasher battles with the dishes.
And the cat is sleeping, somewhere warm.


© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. Ah, you have definitely captured the pseudo (or perhaps actual) politeness of the dinner party. And I think perhaps the cat had a good idea.

  2. I hope the cat dislodged a fur ball in one or other of the guests coats. That dinner party sounded dire. I recognise it, and hope never to go there again. Brilliant capture. Now I am off to wash my hands.

  3. What an amazing imagination you have... I wanna visit in your head. Your poems always inspire me to think differently, to go in unexpected directions ...

    1. Thank you. If you do visit my head, please remove your shoes at the door. And expect echoes.

  4. Funny but we just have some company for dinner ~ I like the imaginary conversations, though its true - we like to be polite to the extreme of not being truthful ~ Happy weekend ~

  5. Great conversations all round, Cosmos! From all walks of life and very fulfilling!


  6. Liked all the conversations,
    this party turned out just fine.

  7. Love your approach here. I felt as if I were there mingling with the guests.

  8. ha and i think after all that conversation i need to go lay down somewhere as dishes will wait until morning....this was a really fun approach...i like it, it is alive...

  9. Love the conversation snippets. Sounds fun.

  10. Too funny! Bits and pieces of mumbled conversation (or not so mumbled).

  11. smiles...sounds all too familiar...funny how the themes blend together during such an about that shoes...smiles

  12. The glittering superficiality of the chattering classes.
    Give me the fringedwellers and real conversation any day :)

    1. LOL! Fair comment but played for effect! :-P

  13. Excellent! Very vivid and real--one can almost hear the murmering rise and fall of conversation. Love it!

  14. I'm with Brian. I need to lie down in the dishes:)

  15. I enjoyed this very much. So absolutely true about how people chatter :)

  16. LAUGHING -- nice drift: perfunctory to bland to tantalizing to political to sensuous and then home! The dishwasher drones ....

    And the cat is probably still sleeping!

  17. You are a brilliant writer ... loved this scene !!!

  18. Nice poem j- I can "hear" the differing voices and the contrasting tones. Personally I think the cat had the right idea... ;)

  19. This is good work. You captures the randomness of dinner conversations and ended perfectly with a warm sleeping cat. Thanks for sharing.

  20. i felt like a fly on the wall, eavesdropping! delightful dialogue!

  21. Delicious! Such a creative response to a prompt to write about food!

  22. Absolutely brilliant...loved it. Wish I was there :)


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