Monday, January 28, 2013

CDLII - A Silly Walk Through Life.

Carry On Tuesday asks us to use the line 
“When all is said and done” in a writing.  
The line is the title of an Abba song.

A Silly Walk Through Life.

Some days are just filled with shit,
While others gleam like gold;
On some days you can have it all,
On others you get rolled.

Decide to take it in your stride:
Recall, when all is said and done,
Our life is what we make of it
So it might as well be fun.

© J Cosmo Newbery 2013

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  1. Erk! Have you landed a job with Hallmark or something?

    1. Oh, don't pick on me. That was where the prompt took me.

    2. You didn't have to go there!

  2. Lol! "some days are just filled with shit" - love. it! Cute & funny :-)

  3. I see you're a half full kind of's always best to see the better half of life. Thanks for the visit to Old Grizz and my naked lady...she obviously is seeing her life from from the bitter side.
    I did enjoy your take on this one.

  4. I seem to have had people in my life whose dedicated goal was to bring me unhappiness. Those are gone.

    And a silly life is probably a good one. Remember: sanity is so over-rated.

  5. good advice to start the week off with!

  6. Love it! Your poem got a big smile out of me.

  7. Here here! I couldn't agree more!

  8. So true, so you...'always look on the bright side of life.....


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