Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Repost - A Chilli Reception.

A dangerous past time!

A Chilli Reception

I was feeling like making a spicy sauce;
Something with chillis, with bite, of course.
So I took to the kitchen all fired up
To make a chilli sauce, a hot ketchup.
I boiled a brew with the desired effect;
Satan, I think, would give it respect.
It’s an oddity of English (there are a lot)
That chilly is what the chilli’s not.

Late at night, far removed from the sink,
I tenderly toyed with the moist and pink.
With a scream that surely woke the dead,
My wife exploded from the bed
And stood in the doorway, off in the gloom,
Yelling obscenities across the room.
Remember this friends, that chilli juice lingers
And be really careful to wash your fingers.

© J Cosmo Newbery 2013

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  1. Oh, dear! So very sad.

    And yes, it is interesting that they serve chilli in paces like Mexico, where it is rarely chilly. Mexican weather forecast: chilli today, hot tamale.

  2. Ouch. Wincing here. I thought chilli in the eyes was bad enough...

  3. Hahahaha! This is great fun!

  4. oh my go...ouch....

    haha...used to grow my own chilis and you def had to be careful....

  5. Wonderful poem.... but oh my !

  6. Yes, there should be a label: Use at your own risk! Smiles!

  7. Au nom de ta femme,je te donne une claque sur le visage..imbecile


  8. Ha ha ... I would remember this advice for sure :-P

  9. LOL--aw yes chili power can last a while on your hands!

  10. Oh Noooo! Thanks for the smile.

  11. Yes, handling chillies with the hands can be a real regret! The 'hotness' stays with that burning sensation for the rest of the day. Done that unfortunately! Nicely Cosmo!


  12. I am cringing at the mere thought .........

  13. ...i had eaten one before... and mind me it was like hell inside... aww...


  14. Superb, oh yes, truly superb! (Not just the hilarious ending, charming all through.)

  15. Oh my goodness!! Crossing my legs and laughing at the same time:-) My dad grew hot peppers and I touched one and then touched my mouth!! Yeeouch, burned for what seemed like an hour-thank goodness for milk.... great poem

  16. So much for that couplet! Wink wink!

  17. God yes. Nice when poetry makes one smile although rejoicing in the suffering of others is not the point.

  18. Chilli today, hot tamale, and citrus will def cut the heat if you overdo !!


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