Sunday, January 13, 2013

CDXLII - Resist Maturity

dVerse Poets has the prompt "Growing Up".

It irks me somewhat nowadays that, if I make light of something,
it automatically gets ridiculed as a "Dad Joke"
- a less than subtle jibe intended to make me 
'grow up', 'act my age', 'be more mature'.
Well, fuck that for a joke.

Resist Maturity

We succumb to daily pressures
To meet the status quo;
The system loves to remind us
That it controls the show.

While adult life has pleasures
That children cannot know,
It also serves to bind us
And limit where we go.

Our children are unrestricted
In what they ask and do;
The world to them’s a playground
Where everything is new.

While we adults are constricted
Kid’s dreams can fly the coup;
Would the world stop spinning ‘round
If we went with them too?

© J Cosmo Newbery 2013

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  1. Okay...I'm going with them...I've tried my best, failed the grown-up test, so we'll consider the trip my punishment! :D Love this! (Surprise!) I'm the queen of juvenile in my house according to my daughter...and I wear the crown with pride!

  2. I think it is good to adopt a child-like attitude as much as possible! When I 'see' things through my granddaughter's eyes, I love the freshness and the newness I see!

  3. haha i am ready to go with them as well...i dont want the binds of adulthood...and i def dont want to act my age...smiles.

  4. love it love it love it....i'm going to. Totally relate to the sentiments in this...its so true...when did we decide to create all these restrictions for ourselves?? and at what point, in that transition between child and adult, do we say...'right, that's it, no more freedom for me'...crazy isnt it?

  5. I do agree, we adults put a lot of bindings and constrictions ~ I am ready to go and fly with my children's dreams ~ Good one ~

  6. Go for it Babe. Sprout wings and fly:)

  7. if we all stopped at once and went with them, I'd think the world would spin out of control as opposed to stopping. but there is no doubt that every once in awhile (or a tad more) we should join them—allow ourselves both pleasures.

  8. 'The world to them’s a playground
    Where everything is new.'

    ...oh let it be to me too...

  9. The last stanza is the clincher, Cosmo! I would go with them. It would give us folks an opportunity to spend quality time with them! Nicely!


  10. Since when did you succumb to maturity?

  11. Think you are being a little sensitive on the dad joke comment-more about a well worn path of humour than a comment on your age, I would suspect.
    And as for growing up-with "teenage wasteland" extending well into people's 40's and 50's - does anyone ever truly grow up anymore? At times it seems we are all obsessed with the ephemeral. I am all for maintaining a sense of discovery and wonder, but we could do something more meaningful with it.

    1. Being unduly precious, do you think? I must admit I was thinking of a younger age than teenager. They could be a problem if they lingered too long, true.

  12. I want to go with them too! Lets go! Well said!

  13. Growing up is overrated!

  14. I wouldn't be an teenager again for anyone. Way too much anxt. Younger than that? When every day is full of exciting new discoveries, and tragedies are relieved by a cuddle or a sleep? Yes please.

  15. I am sure the world won't stop spinning ... do give it a try :-)

  16. I love this! Growing up is totally overrated.

  17. Ahhhh...don't allow yourself to be put into a box, Cosmo...unless of course it's full of matured red wine of quality (with a corkscrew if they're not screw-top, of course)!

    They are the only things that should be matured. I refuse to grow up. Who wants to mature? Peaches become matured and they get all squishy! Same can be said for plums and all other fruits. I don't mind being fruity...just not matured to the state of squishiness!!!

  18. Let's TOTALLY frost their nannies and jump on the merry go round too.

  19. Surely we have to let our inner child loose sometimes, but all the time would not be a good thing, I fear.


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