Sunday, December 28, 2014

773 - Early Morning

Early Morning

Early morning
Gloom hangs heavy
She's standing up
— I had to use the spray
That makes no sense
— My jaw hurt
xxxAnd my chest was tight
xxxI used the spray
xxxMy pulse was racing
xxxIt’s better now
She sits on the side of the bed
Bent over
Hugging a pillow
— What time is it?
xxxAbout five
xxxNo, what time is it exactly?
xxxFour fifty nine
The penny drops
— Use the spray they had said
xxxIf the pain doesn’t stop
xxxIn five minutes
xxxCall an ambulance
She’s waiting
— It’s easing now
She lies down
And sleeps
I lie beside her
Wide awake

© J Cosmo Newbery 2014

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  1. Oh Cosmo, I hope this is just a very descriptive poem, I hope this has not occurred. I have been in this situation myself, the pain is unimaginable, the spray was not effective, the ambulance ride was cold and uncomfortable, it took some time before I was stabilised...thank goodness I made it to live another day.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. How I hope this is spine-chilling fiction.

  3. Dear Cosmo, I am so sorry that this is a real situation, a fright that one never quite gets over. I hope that all will be OK.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Oh my.
    May she get better soon.

  5. I hope all is well with you and yours, Cosmo. Take care.

  6. prayers for well being and may the new year brings good health and prosperity.

  7. Such a powerful poem capturing the short and shallow breaths in verse that captures the fear and strength. Oh. Bless you for capturing this in art.

  8. sending positive thoughts your way ~~~~~~

    buena suerte, mi amiga

    keep us abreast

  9. There is an anxiety like no other to be felt in the early hours of the morning, especially when one is unwell. You captured the scenario very effectively here.

  10. i can just imagine thinking in those five minutes.. Such an ordeal for both of you, and the poem sends a deep impact.

  11. Powerful...scary... thinking of you

  12. I've just popped over here from Kitchen Connections. Sorry to hear you've had such a scare. Best wishes (from a 'spray carrier'). And hope you both stay well.

  13. I like the dialogue that you use in this poem to help push the story along. It is definitely a style of writing that isn't used very often; at least from what I have seen. By the way, I can't count how many times I've had a sore throat and been told to use spray. I end up denying that and just taking cough syrup and downing cough drops like candy.

  14. It is painful to be afflicted this way! A pain is so irritating and unsettling. You've brought it out very well in your lines. Hopefully it's ok now, Cosmo!


  15. not a happy tale, be blessed

    much love...

  16. How terrible and frightening. May peaceful, happy moments come your way.

  17. … the anxiety is well expressed .

  18. So scary...Nothing like watching a loved one in pain. I hope all is better soon.

  19. tough place to be... you clinched it

  20. Nothing is more horrible than feeling powerless...

  21. I hope this wasn't real. Urgency and anxiety well depicted. All the best in the new year.


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