Wednesday, June 17, 2015

793 - Daintree

A potted haiku summary of a brief but very pleasant 
visit to the Daintree region of northern Queensland.


Wheels leave the tarmac,
The plane defies gravity
As we hold our breath.

The louvered windows
Of the tropical villa—
Quaint yet comforting.

It smells different
When rain falls in the forest:
Earthy.  Primal. Close.

An electric blue.
The brief but colourful life 
Of a butterfly. (1)

A walk on the beach
Followed by a lazy beer—
Could get used to this.

Let go of your home:
When in Rome (or Daintree)
Drink the local beer.

Warm cuddles in bed,
No need for any nightwear,
A gecko tut-tuts. (2)

The morning chorus:
The birds, the rain, the children.
I go back to sleep. (3)

Ancient wilderness:
Diversity worth a look…
What’s a little rain? (4)

The boat glides along.
On the bank, a crocodile
Pays close attention.

The cassowary:
A large lumpy sort of bird
That hides in the wild.

Cassowary plum
Betray the odd bird’s passing:
Fowl bowel graffiti. (5)

Unusual sounds
Of the unseen bush dwellers,
Oddly comforting.

Cape Tribulation.
The place an early Cook’s tour
Came stuck.  And unstuck. (6)

Holiday chaos—
That fateful, distant message:
“Gone into labour”. 

Technology beats
The tyranny of distance:
The coming of Grace. (7)

Good travel advice:
Take nothing but photographs,
Leave only footprints.

Dinner in the trees—
The jungle meets fine dining,
Daintree à la carte. (8)

The final packing.
I wonder what will be left?
There’s always something.

Familiar smells 
Welcome us back to our home.
The kettle goes on.

I know I am home
When I can kick off my shoes,
Order a pizza.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015

1. Ulysses Butterfly
2. Geckos, a type of lizard, makes an odd clicking noise at night.
3. Neighbours had a crying child.  Felt sorry for them.  Nothing more.
4. No rain, no rainforest.  But warm rain.
5. The plum needs the cassowary to eat and pass its seeds for them to germinate.
6. Captain James Cook got stuck on a coral reef in 1770.
7. Grand-daughter, Grace.
8. Nautilus restaurant.

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  1. Welcome to this world Grace.
    And envious thoughts about your trip to the Daintree. Too hot and humid for me, but a dream just the same.

  2. A great selection haiku's, your tropical break sounds wonderful.
    A warm welcome to baby Grace!
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. The Daintree certainly is a very special that should be visited at least once in one's life...if not more than once. It's breathtaking...where the rainforest meets the ocean.

    Welcome back, Cosmo. :)

  4. A holiday well spent, it seems.

  5. Thank you for taking us on your holiday - there is no place like home though..kicking off your shoes and ordering a pizza - bliss..and congratulations on the arrival of your granddaughter

  6. I can get used to lazy beers as well, sounds like you had a perfect vacation...

  7. wonderful your travel advice...

  8. Very traditional to use haiku to mark your travels. Very nice, never heard of Daintree before.

  9. Sounds like the perfect place to be :)

  10. AnonymousJune 22, 2015

    It really is a lovely area! Nicely written.

  11. It sounds like a beautiful trip. I most love "take only photographs. Leave only footprints". Sage advice.

  12. wow i couldnt tell it any better, really enjoyed this haiku share

    have a good Sunday

    much love...

  13. I loved the way you used the haikus to take us with you on this magnificent trip!

  14. Bravo the form. Bravo the variety. Bravo waiting until home for the pizza!

  15. Oh no! You've invited a another hoard of tourists to Australia. Glad I've been there and done that before the rush.

  16. Comfort food after a long trip.


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