Thursday, July 02, 2015

797-799 - Whores Day Trilogy, 2015.

Whores Day, July 2nd.
Whimsical reflections.  
There’s nothing to be sombre about.

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week were: obedient, somber (sic), and raspy.

797 – Pasta Puttanesca
“Harlot’s Spaghetti”

Some sauces require expertise
But puttanesca is really a breeze.
It’s easy to see 
The whore’s pedigree:
Easy to make and so quick to please.


798 – Sexual Dragons
Curiously today’s Word of the Day 
at was “Dragoman”.  
But, no, I wont translate.

Do other animals also have whores,
Females who run sweaty stores?
And how do they arrange
Their rates of exchange?
Something that Google ignores.

What of the raspy dragons we find
In books of the mythical kind?
When dragons are scarce
Can whores flog their wares
Or are the he-dragons not so inclined?

And the question that continues to vex
Is can a dragon really have sex?
Do they have genitalia?
Is there a gender femalia?
The books are coy in these respects.

It’s hard to imagine
As the beasts are not slim;
Sex needs planning,
Not an action of whim.
And at the climatic high
Does the she-dragon cry:
“Oh,  Brothers Grimm! Brothers Grimm! Brothers Grimm!”

And can dragons be experimental?
Are they rough or sometimes even gentle?
Though a blowjob could earn
A third degree burn
In a nether region that’s quite sentimental.


799 – The Lady in the Red Coat.

A scarlet woman
Was the term once used
For a woman who,
Shall we say,
Was often used.

Dressed in red
Often with leather boots
They stood to the side
Both in view
And in the shadows.

“The Redcoat are coming”
Paul Revere got it quite wrong.
(Or so I’ve heard.)
They seldom do.
Just their clients, it’s said.
But that’s what they paid for.

The oldest profession
According to who?
Or to whom.
Purity in language
If nothing else.

They have been around,
In both senses,
For quite some time.
More compliant
Than obedient.
Money for jam.
A receptacle
Of convenience.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015

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  1. Hmmmm.
    Some sad truths here.

  2. It is a question of supply and demand. It is good to see you came three times with a piece on the subject.

  3. What? No steak knives? A really medley of works. Not much on TV?

  4. Three poems which really reflect a process of thought..and understanding ..when i read the first poem I thought of the term 'oldest profession' but you expounded on that idea more eloquently than I ever could...

  5. Blimey, some hot stuff going on here and I don't just mean that spicy spag dish! It's a world I know nothing about of course so I couldn't possibly have written about it which such insight. Nice one!

    Visit Keith's Ramblings!

  6. provocative and yet thoughtful and understanding

  7. Thought provoking, and eloquent. Three poems on a subject I doubt I'd be able to write on and do justice to. Well done.

    Here's my 3WW

  8. What about National Left-handed Whistlers Day?

  9. That is a great offering. A trilogy not often seen. Must have been an exhaustive exercise Cosmo! Great write!


  10. O help. Who would believe there could be a poetic swing from a whore to a dragon to Brothers Grimm and climaxing in money for jam. A great unlocking of serious doors.

  11. It will continue to thrive, legally or illegally. The second poem was like an intellectual intercourse (credits to Alanis for the term)

  12. every special day is celebrated...never heard of this one before...just as soldiers protect the borders these exploited women from the oldest profession help their good sisters remain protected from men's lust.....

  13. Nice wordplay in 799. My favorite? The repetition of "used". My second favorite? The pun on "coming."

    In closing, I'll add #malewhoresmattertoo

  14. I enjoyed my visit to your blog today. You remind us that poetry can be fun and that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. Thanks.

  15. Imagining a third degree burn in my nether region to be not so fun.
    I don't know - I guess we can ask ourselves if animals are as screwed up as we,
    leaving only the choice to sell yourself to stay alive.

  16. I'm sure that dragons, at the moment of ecstasy, cry out with Grimm pleasure. I'm sure they do!

  17. LOL, smiled all the way through, especially at the whole dragon question and, especially the crying out of "Brothers Grimm"! Your mind must be a fun place to hang out in.........Cosmo, I have lost your email address. Would you please e me at Thanks kiddo.

  18. Quite thought provoking pieces here...

  19. This 'day' is now going to be a piece of trivia stuck in my mind for years to come....and the dragon piece might keep me up at night pondering the mechanics of things. Thanks for such an entertaining trilogy :-)

  20. Ha.. that dragon's blowjob cracked me up... I think the fact that men is willing to pay for sex really shows a strong streak of detest for women.

  21. I loved these and was intrigued about the dragons...actually I was laughing as what a wonderful play with words. And we actually make puttanesca sauce in our is intoxicating!

  22. 798 was quite comedic. Three great poems you've written.


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