Sunday, July 12, 2015

803 - The Cabinet Room

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #207) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are:

witches ear dolls heartbreak branded scorpion spells
ball werewolf resurrection alone blind hunted

The Cabinet Room

When everyone was seated
The Leader took the stand.
“We need a three word slogan
The crowd wont understand,
We need to choose it wisely
So fear and greed are fanned!”

The witches stopped their chanting
To cheer what he had said.
They knew the power of nasty spells
To activate the dead
And practiced it on plaster dolls,
Or so it has been said.

Beside them sat the spineless ones,
Quite blind to all they saw.
Untouched by heartbreak or the grief
They'd bestowed upon the poor.
They just branded them as terrorists
And showed them to the door.

A nasty group of suited men,
Assassins, up for hire,
Were resurrecting past faux-pas
To feed the hateful fire
With a passion and a venom
A scorpion would admire.

They strangled babies in the woods,
Drowned puppy-dogs in sacks;
They bit the balls of new-born cats
They slept on beds of tacks.
They trained so they could go alone
But hunted best in packs.

A jolly fool grinned from ear to ear,
And then naively asked  
“Do the poor drive ‘round in cars?
And could the port be passed?”
Meanwhile, ignored by everyone,
A poodle strutted past.

But everyone within the room
Knew who ruled and why.
The boardrooms here and overseas
Demanded they comply,
And when told that they should jump
Meekly asked ‘How high?”.

The meeting was coming to an end,
The zombies gave a cheer,
The Team of Oz then stood and vowed
To snarl, to spit and smear.
Then, as they broke to venture out, 
A werewolf howled in fear.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015
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  1. Frighteningly real Cosmo! Created a feeling of a band of '40 thieves' out to cause mischief and no stopping them. Great write and well rhyming!


  2. Anti-social group — the whole lot of the psychopaths?

  3. Painfully, frighteningly true.

  4. the poem reminds me of the famous Shakespeare quote, "Hell is empty and all the devils are here ( The Tempest)"...great write..

  5. It is nice to know that corruption in politics is consistent worldwide...i think witches and werewolves would have more humanity...i love the rhythm in this too..a real incantation..

  6. Such an intense piece! Well penned.

  7. AnonymousJuly 12, 2015

    you've mixed a powerful potion in these lines - love the tempo too

  8. I'm really scared.. They seem to thrive in evil.

  9. AnonymousJuly 12, 2015

    Where witches cheer and werewolves fear... we don't stand much of a chance, do we!?

  10. i feel this perfectly reflects the political situation prevalent in many countries.............

  11. It is sad that now the world is half mad the kingdom of Oz has now joined the idiots.

  12. A sign of the times!

  13. I think this is one of your best poems! Too bad about the facts which made it necessary to write it. — An equally disgusted compatriot.

  14. Excellent--though I am pretty sure these aren't the Eco-witches--they are The.Other.Kind!

  15. Excellent write, Cosmo! I grinned with recognition all the way through - you have nailed the political scene. This would likely be a good fit for Susan's prompt of power at Mid Week Motif. I am trying to think of a spoof poem myself, as taking it seriously is dangerous to my mental health, LOL.

  16. awesome. so good. standing ovation, Bravo!

  17. this is a scary one

    have a good Sunday J

    much love...

  18. very frightening indeed

  19. Ah the cadence of our demise...
    ;) Bravo!

  20. The 'spineless ones' and the 'nasty group of suited men' are far more insidiously threatening than witches. A werewolf in fear knows when all is not well in Paradise. A wonderful poem offering profiles that could be any one of those who think power is the essence of living.

  21. Excellent piece, such power and truth in these words.

  22. As above :) and it all rhymes!

  23. Yikes! I'm scared :-)

  24. Those suited men are certainly a nasty wrote them to be particularly cruel...biting off the balls of newborn cats. Yikes!

  25. excellente!
    ( I dare say, the story within the poetry left me guessing all the while
    Kept waiting for the shoe to drop, I sensed your nearby smile...
    The three word mystery phrase seemed easy given a moment...
    "Religions save you" I thought, or maybe "You must repent!"

    But onward ever onward, and the ground opened just a bit
    I heard a scream behind me, I thought only, 'the stupid twit!"
    It seems a fellow fell into one dark and huge, nasty crevasse
    Well, watch where you are going, lest people think you an ass!

    And then, only then, did I realize what was true.
    It seems we all wandered in, stepped brightly into the stew!
    Well, excellente, Mr. Cosmo Newberry, fine sir...
    But I will make good my escape now, before Egyptians bring in the myrrh.

    Headaches are gone now, I started at a gym nearby
    Staying healthy one reason, sure, and a shower on which I can rely.
    My first "book" continues to grow still, though slower than I wish,
    Another stray cat has come to visit, and likes what we put in his dish.

    That was all the news I have, pictures at eleven...
    Don't like the loneliness, simply must find me a willing hen.
    But grotesque doesn't attract so well, either sight or mental pokes.
    Not sure if I drive them off with my looks or my cache of silly jokes.

    Say, did I mention, I found a discount massage parlor nearby?
    The down side is it's self service, the up side is free happy endings (oh, my)


    1. Boneman! You are very wicked! And I love you for it! Thank you.

  26. Scary... Though I loved it!


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