Monday, July 06, 2015

Vale Sir Percy.

Sir Percy Bysshe Silly
(Paul Martin)

? - 2015.

I started this blog in 2006, 
at the behest of an acquaintance,
to teach some manners to a poetic upstart
who was making a nuisance in another realm.

As is the way of such things
we ended up fighting a poetic duel for the hand
of the fair mayden, Cora.

Neither won.

A dark horse, or rather a dark dog, K9,
stole the day and the prize.

Life is like that.

Percy was part of my life.
Always will be.

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  1. That's sad news, but from his description of pain, I suspect a welcome escape.
    I remember the great challenges thrown in each others courts that you two patched with tape.
    Tape became glue, glue became resin, and sure enough, you guys built a bridge, too.
    I can only consider one description fitting enough, ... Warrior Poets, the Two of You,

  2. As EC said...a fine tribute. :)

  3. A lovely tribute, Sir Percy was a fine poetic opponent.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Sorry to hear the news!

  5. O Rakish Daring Dandy-O

    A ribald toast, a dare, a boast,
    Be what the Dandy does.
    He be not meek nor pale of cheek
    And wears a dashing glove.

    When riding on a foxhunt chase
    He cannot be outdone
    And once espied by maiden chaste
    Her simple heart is won.

    Though he be bold, he be sincere
    And woos her till she’s woozy.
    His knightly charms shall do no harm;
    He uses not the boozies.

    Not booze, nor subterfuge misused,
    He uses none of these,
    And though his manxome ways do please
    He lets no maiden seize him.

    In noble knightly wisdom wise
    With each thing in its time
    The Dandy knows to take it slow
    And beams his virgin glow

    The nervous Dandy takes it slow
    And beams his virgin glow – O!

  6. Sir Percy! You have returned from the Styxian boat trip! Calloo! Callay!


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