Thursday, March 24, 2016

855 - The First Law of Gardening

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week are: brutal, clammy and dense.

First Law of Gardening

A man with remarkable hair,
Ran for president, just for a dare.
While apparently dense,
In the cognitive sense,
His success made liberals despair.

Candidates take a risk when they stand—
No questions, it seems, will be banned:
Could appendages, clammy,
Beneath his pajammy,
Reflect the size of his hands?

While media and pundits all groan,
There’s a truism garden’s have known:
While it seems to be brutal,
The only seeds that will fruit’ll
Be the ones that you’ve previously sown.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2016
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  1. Too many images I really, really don't want to consider triggered here...

  2. Trump hopes people will remember just one name to trump the rest at election time.

  3. Excellent! So much to the point!

  4. I don't want to think about what's under those jammies - the hair is alarming enough - but true to say the seeds are well and truly sown - acerbically brilliant as ever!

  5. they say we get the leaders we deserve - living in the age of 'hollow men' but your poem is far from that. Loved the opening lines and the twist of seeds sown

  6. Ha... now that's a poem! Should I be glad I am not american? or should I be scared more for not being one?

  7. The only seeds that will fruit’ll
    Be the ones that you’ve previously sown.

    It frightens one to think how far it will go.A business person has no compassion. His actions are of no consequence to the American public! That
    s what he thinks!


  8. If my reading of the end of your words is true, then I hope he gets what he has sown...

  9. Lol, cackling! Wonderfully wry.

  10. The rhyme scheme and fun words like "pajammy" make this a very fun and enjoyable poem to read but your stellar wit also makes this a profoundly insightful poem as well!! Beautifully executed :-)

  11. Oh very well done! And what better form than limerick to lampoon a politician?

  12. LOL truly remarkable Limerick sequence

    Happy Easter

    Much love...

  13. Methinks this is a reflection on the American Presidential race. As for me, I have had enough of the man with the remarkable hair & don't care about either the size of his hands or his......! It is his brain that is important, and that seems to have gone missing.

    1. I think the limerick is the best form for this sham of a man,


  14. I think Louie C.K. had a great response to the rise of drumph... basically we are all to blame. I guess in some sick twisted ironry, it is the established conservative base that has the most to fear and lose from his rise.

  15. Just discovered your literary blog - as ever brilliant and amusing!

  16. The lessons of youth speak of the seeds we have sewn that we can regret in later years. So much in this verse - so few with conviction these days.

  17. I don't know that his hair is all that remarkable, but your limerick is.

  18. "The words this week are: brutal, clammy and dense."
    Well of course they are, but, what are the words?
    (truly... you NEEDED someone to write that.
    Great pirate outfit, prior post. What's a pirates favorite letter?
    (most think rrrrrrrr)
    It be the C
    (I wonder how long I can stay on the net?)
    (a lot of people are wondering the same thing...but they appear to be cheering whenever my computer gives up the intel chip. Danged computer graveyard around here.)

    (Heck.. might have enough for a computer "stonehenge")

    1. I did need someone to write that and I and glad it was you!

  19. It appears The Donald has Trumped his competitors. For good or ill. Seems he may have Trumped the Republican party.

    Life next door (in the US) is "interesting."

    Blessings and Bear hugs!


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