Thursday, July 28, 2016

881 - Unacceptable

Poet’s United has the mid-week motif: Acceptance.


What has acceptance 
Ever given us?
Acceptance is the status quo.
Acceptance is more of the same.
Acceptance is the decision to be powerless.
Acceptance is the passive agreement that the current state of affairs is, 
if not desirable, is at least unchangeable and fixed for the foreseeable future.  
Acceptance is the spineless indifference to the poor of the world, 
to the hungry, 
to the sick, 
to the lonely, 
to the lost, 
to the cruelty, 
to the pollution of our air and water, 
to the raping of this planet by people or, worse,
corporations who do not have our welfare in their minds.
Acceptance is indifference.
Well, fuck that for a joke.
That’s not acceptable.

© J Cosmo Newbery 2016
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  1. acceptance as indifference.
    oy, so true. what we choose to accept we make real,
    what we choose to ignore is no less real.

    hard hitting piece.
    no that is not acceptance.

  2. I entirely agree with your stance on this topic speaking as a a Catholic descendant of the French Revolution . Too often Christianity is used as a mask for cowardice and hypocrisy ...a haven for phony opportunists, cash a cheque for Jesus types preying on the poor and vulnerable in the third world.All the rhetoric about peace and love is just a con job in many cases.

    1. I had a ten foot barge poll around here somewhere, have you seen it?

  3. whew! what a rant, and a good one :) we can also accept the responsibility of tackling the vices :D

    1. Sloth. Sloth needs tackling. Lust? Well...

  4. I am applauding. Every. Single. Word. Fantastic write!

  5. Brilliant response to the prompt..!

  6. But Master, there are so many dragons. Where shall we start?

  7. The Serenity Prayer says:

    "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    And wisdom to know the difference."

    It is that last line that stops most people.
    And they are too willing to defer that 'wisdom' to others: religious leaders, politicians, celebrities.

    Somethings should not change - kindness, for example. Acceptance of people's different beliefs and origins is another. And acceptance is not tolerance; it is a step or two up from that. Tolerance implies a superiority. Acceptance implies an equality.

    But injustices? They are unacceptable.

    1. We seem afraid to take stands because of what we think others may think of us. And yet, what if we do and they think better of us?

  8. Acceptance is allowing others to make use of you. Always question why.

  9. To the fucking point, excellent. The waist in the middle of the form certainly gives that extra punch. Very good

  10. You get whole-hearted agreement from me, though I've lately put this in the context of the serenity prayer. I don't want to keep confusing what needs fixing with who I am! But truth--I wrote about the same thing.


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