Monday, December 12, 2016

963 - A Rushed Life

Haiku horizons prompt: rush

A rushed life.

Small. Feathered. Anxious.
Quiet.  Still. Sensing danger.
Hides in the rushes.

If it’s important—
Surely they will wait for you.
So what is the rush?
© J Cosmo Newbery 2016
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  1. If one's in a rush
    There will be a major crush
    On portrait and Brush

    1. Your writing paints a picture of you for me.

  2. perhaps read it frome a different perspective
    (no doubt of that being true, eh?)
    though at first sounding odd or subjective, wait...
    "truth" is the culprit today.

    Even a large gator can be quiet and anxious and quiet
    sensing danger stalking nearby (a man?)
    But is mr. gator noting the distant future environment
    or the giant weapon now in yon man's hand?

    Some say "too big to fail," with arrogance thinks I
    being of a certain age, I'd heard call
    That of the opposite, you see. (and without a wink of the eye)
    "The bigger they are, the harder the fall."

    (sorry for mis-timining and poor rhythm,, you know...
    I dare say 'twas not a fault of mine actually.
    it was finally my first day of chemo
    because of three locations, applied aggressively.)

    (will do better next time
    maybe even better, rhyme)

    1. The bigger they are, the easier they are to trip up.

      Rhyming is so yesterday. Probably why I like it.

      Hope the chemo packs the necessary muscle.

  3. I feel kind of like that living in what feels like dangerous times and waiting to wake or be beamed up.

    1. I fear the mothership looked at what we are doing to the joint and packed up and went home in disgust.

    2. We've been taking our time for 25 years


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