Monday, January 30, 2017

975 - Peeping Tom

Mad Kane poses a regular limerick challenge.
The key word this week is ‘stare’.

Peeping Tom

When Godiva paraded, all bare,
The townsfolk agreed not to stare.
But the temptation was steep
And young Tom took a peep
But swore he just looked at her hair.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2017

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  1. tom is a nice little boy
    polite curious and coy
    he took a quick peep
    his heart went beep beep
    in shock he returned to his toys

  2. Showing Off Her Wares (limerick)

    Amazed the men drooled as they’d stare
    As she proudly showed off her pair*
    And if you like these
    Please feel free to squeeze
    They grow in the trees over there

    *Did I say pair? I meant pear.

  3. But what hair where?

  4. Before his mum could give him a scold
    He said as he broke free of her hold:
    “The story's unfounded.
    Yes, her breasts are well rounded—
    It's only from what I have been told.”


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