Friday, March 22, 2024

1600 - Patchwork


The Sunday Whirl presents the following words for us to use:
flesh sand clay scarce drifted pearl page split pick veil rose gem
I opted for a medley of Senryu.

The touch of warm flesh—
A very human pleasure;
I miss that contact.

The relentless sand.
The hourglass drains
And life flows away.

Life can be mucky:
Surrounded by swamps and clay.
A trap for your feet.

True friends are quite scarce.
Promises are made and kept
By those you can trust.

How did I come here?
What was I even thinking?
In truth, I drifted.

It’s a metaphor:
Layers upon more layers—
My life as a pearl.

The pages will turn
But what we write upon them?
That is the question.

Opinions are split.
The conundrum of our time.
Add milk first? Or tea?

So much to choose from—
What is good and what is bad?
You can take your pick.

An erotic show:
The dance of the seven veils.
Or so I am told.

I planted a rose
On the day she became ill.
Just the rose remains.

Life can seem dirty
But beneath the dust and filth
The gems are still there.
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  1. I really like the hopefulness of the last paragraph. Every time I think I'm laid low by life's awful, something comes along to remind me of its sparkle.

  2. "It’s a metaphor:
    Layers upon more layers—
    My life as a pearl."
    All the grit made something beautiful. It is a metaphor.

  3. Excellent medley - I like the hope in your last too.
    I visited your artwork. You have a gift. I especially like 15 & 32. Are they for sale?
    Anna :o]

    1. Thanks Anna. No, I don't sell my paintings. Must (ha!) return to them again. Therapy perhaps in this new phase of my life. Most of the ones on the site flowed out of COVID lockdown, when I had a lot of time to fill.

  4. "I planted a rose
    On the day she became ill
    Just the rose remains"

    --liked by Priscilla King

  5. Loved the stanza 'It's a metaphor' I love the idea that we are made up of layers and develop new insights all the time and become a pearl of wisdom

  6. Very relatable. #6 is my favourite, for that quirky yet sweet last line.

    1. Actually, I probably mean wry rather than quirky.

  7. The rose will always remain with you. ...Rall


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