Sunday, December 06, 2009

CLVII - Bits and Pieces



The unicorn, we believe, was once around,
Though, sadly, traces have not been found.
Perhaps the wild sex
Of Tyrannosaurus Rex
Hammered them into the ground.


The rainbow has the power to send
Explorers to follow it's bend.
They're wanting to hold
The promised gold
But (shh!) the pot's at the other end.


There was a young girl called Nicky
Who regularly rang work for a sickie,
She explained to her boss
That when her mate came across
They preferred having a longie to a quickie.


When the sun had gone down in the west,
And the night's in it's starry vest
We see lights from afar.
You can see the Dog Star!
No, just having a jest.


The Cave of the Heart

When dealing with your wretched luck
And the world around you seems to suck
It does you well to crave
Escape into a quiet cave
With a teapot, some flowers and a duck.

© J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. Surely you can't be Sirius?

  2. I'm so glad you are back and doing your thing. These were delightful!

  3. That cave sounds delightful right now! But may I bring my cat? I don't have a pet duck....

  4. Hilarious!

    And I'd love to escape to a cave - but with a dog rather than a duck...

  5. You bring the duck, I'll bring the wine :)

  6. No doubt the teapot to hold wine for a while.
    And the flowers smell nice and look pretty, but, I'll
    easily confess
    the duck makes me guess...
    Does he tell you jokes that make you smile?

  7. I have been looking for that cavee all over the city day I'll find it ;-)

  8. Siriusly funny... and I love the images you unearth... especially the bunker. If only our view of the cosmos could be set right with a teapot, some flowers, and a duck.

  9. Delightful 'bits' J Cosmo and the 'bunker' picture from leunig is very cute and would be a pleasant escape. ♡

  10. So true. Love the artwork.


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