Friday, January 01, 2010

CLXI - The Year of Enough

City skyline with fireworks, circa 2050.

The Year of Enough

The fireworks, we are reliably told,
Were larger than any displayed before.
It seems symbolic, the future foretold,
Of mankind's foolish love of 'more'.

Everything must be bigger and better,
The previous guy's efforts puny and rough.
Every occasion must be a trend setter
Is it ever possible to just have enough?

Why must every Mk 2 exceed Mk 1?
Can we be happy with what we have got?
Or, like Lemmings, must we forever run?
Last year's is so passé, this one's so hot.

Like a midnight fireworks display,
We accelerate through our planet's resources
Until a final bang and then fizzle away,
Returning once more to carts and horses.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Well said.

    Well said indeed.

  2. Oh, don't start me off....

  3. good stuff
    as always
    wishing you and yours a year of peace and light

  4. Hey J ! I am back on the blogo-sphere!!
    Love love love this one so much!! :)
    I read it out loud to my mom and granny...!! :)
    Simply superb! as always... like they have already said!!

    Have you published your poem book yet? :)

    woops! - the "cant have enuf " syndrome apparently...

    But trust me, I will be thinking of this one all day! :)

    See you around!

    happy new year!! :)

  5. Well said dear J Cosmo, for some there will never be enough, I would like to turn back the clock to a much quieter pace of life when people actually cared about each other and held different values of what was important. xo ♡
    I wish you a Happy New Year my friend but not a year of material possessions, a year of true happiness and personal contentment. ♡

  6. Hear hear! When will people be content with what they already have?

    Happy new year!

  7. "Live simply so that others may simply live."

    You're a good soul, J Cosmo. A happy and healthy New Year to you and the Mrs.

  8. Ah Cosmo-
    Happy New Year :)
    I spent mine tucked in with the kids watching re-runs of Monty Python in front of a fire.
    Hope 2010 is a gentle and wonderful year for you and yours ♥

  9. I agree. I've always lived small. This drive for more, bigger, better baffles me.

  10. J great thoughts and poetry. This was a year I won't miss...



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