Sunday, January 03, 2010

CLXIII - A New Leaf

Sunday Scribblings had a topic called 'A New Leaf'.

A New Leaf

Turning a leaf to reveal new pages
Is a ritual passed on through the ages.
But it has no effect on
Most live's direction
As people feel safest in their cages.


My New Year's resolution's a bold one,
As I know that my leaf is a gold one.
It beggars belief
To turn a new leaf
When I'm still quite enjoying the old one.


Adam's wardrobe was very brief
It gave poor Eve no end of grief.
She used to say,
In her feminine way,
That he really should get a new leaf.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. I always thought your leaves were pretty grubby...

  2. Hi! Thanks for your visit to my blog. I love the way you mix light and weighty in this poem. It raised a smile and made me ponder...Jae

  3. Happy 2010 to you, may it be a great one,

  4. Great take on the prompt. Really enjoyed it.

  5. Nice use of humor and truth in this prompt! Good stuff! Happy 2010!

  6. Very well put, and great twist.

  7. Three gems... great rhymes. Reading your poems is like ambling down a lovely, untrod path - something nice that you've never walked before. You never know quite what is around the bend and finding out is half the fun.

  8. Long ago an elderly lady who was a family friend wrote in my autograph book---
    "It is not of much use to be entreated to turn over a new leaf
    When you can see no kind of reason for doing so..." As in your ..."quite enjoying the old one."

    Happy New Year to you Mr. Newbery!

  9. I particularly like your second verse. Why turn over a new leaf when one is enjoying the old one?

  10. Very nicely done!

    Happy New Year darling :)

  11. what a lovely surprise this was! Hope you will stick around - loved these!

  12. So delightfully funny!


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