Sunday, May 02, 2010

CLXXXXIV - Mixed Nuts


One Minute Writer had a topic "Nuts"
This leaves plenty of scope as there are a number of meanings...


“Nut” is a multi-purpose English word
In a language full of ambiguities;
No-one’s sure how this occurred
But it gives lots of poetic opportunities.


Mixed Nuts

Peanuts are an odd little nugget
A ground grower, not a tree-er;
Roasted with some salt to hug it,
They’re perfect with a beer.

A coconut’s home is up a palm,
Not even a nut, it’s a seed instead;
It can do no end of harm
Should it drop upon your head.

To throw more confusion to the troops,
Some nuts are really just pretenders,
Not nuts at all, their really drupes,
Cashews and almonds, the main offenders.

Some relationships are quite skewed,
Some work while others strut.
No-one really wants to be screwed,
But is a bolt complete without a nut?

Male squirrels have them, squirreled away
To protect them from the frost,
I wonder if they use some other name
To prevent them from getting lost?

And then of course there are the ones,
The vicar sees; coming to seek repenters.
He finds them naked, poking fun;
He should knock before he enters.

There: nuts and how to store’em.
I’ve skate on thin ice, I fear,
Some may wish for more decorum.
My response, of course, is ‘Nuts to that idea’.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. lol! What a great nutty poem! It's interesting how things are misnamed - like coconuts. Mind you, it doesn't sound quite as funny if you call them cocoseeds, does it?

  2. Funny... love the verse about squirrels and their nuts!

    Yes - please feel free to borrow that reflected sky photo! And thanks for asking.

  3. Be weary of all the nuts out there, do you know you have 66 followers? If I weren't already signed up I would just to skip over the 66...awwww nuts....

  4. sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you dont...i like squirrels...

  5. Very clever poem dear J Cosmo for such a 'hard' subject. :) xoxox ♡

  6. What an intelligent poem indeed, it shows you know your nuts;))

  7. "squirreled away" indeed!! I paid particular attention to this stanza. Nuts do stun. Think about it...

  8. Very nutty indeed..and I am now 100% convinced that you can make poems out of anything J Cosmo. Do tell Lee that we kind of miss him here in blogland, will ya..

  9. Sometimes Sophia: Yes, I was thinking of you when I wrote that. Well, thinking about your squirrels, I mean.

    Hliza: I will pass your thoughts on to Lee.

  10. J...when I saw the title on my thumbnails...I wondered how you were going to tread these waters! You did it as eloquently as ever!


  11. The exact meaning of "vicar" has never stuck with me even though I remember looking it up. I may be nuts...


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