Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CLXXXXVb - Taken with Relish, a second time.


In my previous post, Southlakesmom suggested my problem was using
'hors d'oeuvre' instead of the more common 'finger food'. Well, she may be right.
I would need different rhymes to make it work, though.
In the end, no joy, it took 3 extra characters.

Taken with Relish #2

Her fruits and her veggies were stewed
But her fantasies verged on the lewd.
She had sex on the brain,
Dreaming of entrée and main,
While foreplay was just finger food.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Very clever as usual and no easy task ... what a talent you are. :) xoxo ♡

  2. Don't encourage him, Dianne!

  3. Dianne: Than you!

    Lee: No thanks, you!

  4. Is it not being truly said that you should not be playing with your food, even if they be large and manly?

  5. "Could be a sticky situation!" (<-- Hmm. Now where have I heard that before??? There seems to be an echo, here, in Blogland. LOL!)

    All kidding aside [ahem], you definitely could be a Romance Novel prologue limerick writer. *deep, regretful sigh* I know it's a dream I've always had...

  6. Based on the writing I've experienced here (and enjoyed by the way) I believe you might like reading Jack Pendarvis (I suggest "Awesome"). And for that matter, you might also like my book. It has a decent sized preview on Amazon.com ("The Gospel of Lazlo").

    Excellent limericking!

    There was a fine blog by Cosmo,
    Where a-reading blue limericks I'd go.
    His rhymes made me smile,
    They were done with such guile,
    And with themes quite risqué don't you know!

  7. hmm so fruity and endearing - any way you slice it, it comes up sweet, such talent

  8. I thought they were both brilliant! I love the art of limerick. its my favorite really. I thought of writing limericks on the street corner and charging a dollar--to earn some extra income. (the venture never really took off)


    Post Script: Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the Infamous. I look forward to visiting your blog again!

  9. There's something so fun about saying a limerick and a well-crafted one is extra delightful.

  10. I shouldn't have read this so close to lunch time! Thanks for sending my mind down the gutter as my stomach growls, LOL! :)

  11. wow...you amaze me every time...really a nice one :)

  12. if i were a man i think i might want to marry this lady :)

  13. Very sensual.;) Somehow familiar too.;))

  14. haha ..
    very clever.
    i enjoyed both very much

  15. Does she make a good tart?

  16. Lee: Do you mean can she cook a tart? Or, as tarts go, is she a good one?

  17. Oh, Mr. Newbery! You are such a naughty boy!

  18. Oh dear...a thought for the next time we're preserving in the kitchen. It will be your fault if we all end up covered in jam. ;-)

  19. What can I say other than that you are a wordsmith who has mastered his craft...

  20. Oh Cosmo ~ You wrote a limerick about me .... what a divine man you are !




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