Sunday, May 23, 2010

CLXXXXVII - The Knight & the Dragon

Sunday Scribblings had the topic "Dragons".

The Knight & the Dragon

The hero of our story is a knight,
Aroused by a young maiden’s plight.
The distress she was showing
Got his hormones a-flowing
And he headed off in search of a fight.

The maiden was screaming with fear
As the fire-breathing dragon drew near
With the intent to subdue her
And then rudely barbeque her
An unpleasant ending was clear.

The knight was sure he could beat him,
The dragon, equally sure, came to meet him.
As they prepared for the bout
The maid gave a shout:
“The knight! He’s fatter than me, eat him!”

The combatants fight to rules, well defined,
And she’d clearly crossed over the line.
The dragon gave a twitch
And flambéed the bitch.
They ate her with bread and a fine wine.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. what a stupid cow...

    flambeed her bivore..

    serves her right.

  2. Obviously VERY whimsical! But you're like me... addicted to rhyme.

  3. Love this!

    Very good fun. I'm definitely with the dragon on this one.

  4. Damn her. Got what she deserved.

  5. Very good J Cosmo!
    What a foolish, treacherous maiden, it could have had a happy ending eating dinner with our hero, the Knight ... instead she has become the main course. xoxo ♡

  6. How funny! Well written. I laughed my butt off. Wouldn't it be great if people like her always got what they deserved?

  7. A riot! Cracked me up! Very effective shythm and rhyme!

  8. Oh, I love knights.;) I want a knight in a shining armor.;) I am so born in the wrong time.;)
    Great poem.;)

  9. This is very entertaining and playful. Loved it.

  10. Haha. Very nice. I think the aabba form is such a great contribution to the satire here. Very funny take on the old model story. Great work.

  11. It would have ended in tears anyway.

    What wine did you choose?

  12. lol! I guess I shouldn't be laughing as a bitch met a fiery death, but still, I can't help it :)

  13. Great humor and rhyme. She was a spoiled one, wasn't she.

  14. Ahhh! You just destroyed my vision of a knight in shining armor. How swiftly he changed course!
    But then, damsels in distress aint what they used to be. A well brought up damsel would have fainted at his intended gallantry.....

  15. I'm with the dragon too here especially if he can appreciate a fine wine. However the knight may have to be expelled from his union.

    This was a joy to read.

  16. love the twist in the tail (tale)!

  17. The knight was a cannibal? Hmmm. Not very chivalrous, really. Bitch brulée? Sounds like a rhyming recipe book is in the works.

  18. Excellent, love a twist in the end

  19. Haha! I absolutely love it. Well done.

  20. Be careful when choosing sides!


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