Sunday, October 23, 2011

CCLIXb - The Good Ship : Fit the Second


The Good Ship
An Agony in five Fits.

Fit the Second

They sought it in spats, They lured it with wheat
They hunted it beyond the square
They looked where they had looked only last week
And were amazed that it still wasn’t there.

Admiralty sent a message trough
With some cheese and buttered snails.
“Go north without any further ado,
It’s time to hoist your sails.”

The Fool said “But it’s beyond our borders
The Purser feared the cost
The Captain said “I have my orders
The Crew cried out “We are lost!”.

The Trader was just tickled pink
For she secretly knew the worst:
That she couldn't sell an icy drink
To someone with a thirst.

The Captain was oblivious to what was in his hold
But from his act you couldn’t tell it.
The Trader knew but never told
In case she had to sell it.

The Fool said to the Trader one day
“Pray, what is it that you sell?”
“This ship” she said in an off hand way
“Is not provisioned well.”

“The hold is full of corn and wheat
But I want to sell black beans.
And I am sure that my books would look so sweet
If we traded salad greens.”

“But”, said the Fool, “if our cargo is wheat and corn,
Shouldn’t we be trading that?”
The Trader sneered and replied with scorn:
“Trust me, I know where the market’s at.”


We sail in search of figures in black
We zig, we zag, we jibe and tack.
We are the Good Ship
The misunderstood ship
For every step forward we take two back.
Two back
For every step forward we take two back.

(Continued here)


© 2011 J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. The Fool doesn't sound so foolish, eh? On to Fit the Third!


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