Sunday, October 23, 2011

CCLIXc - The Good Ship : Fit the Third


The Good Ship
An Agony in five Fits.

Fit the Third

They sought it with discounts, they tried the hard sell,
They promised the earth and sky
What worked so well when put in Excel
In reality, could never fly.

The Purser called a meeting, there was panic in his eyes,
“From the books, I present my findings:
The budget’s shot: our costs are on the rise
And our income is dead, flat-lining.

The Trader said “Oh Captain my dear,
It’s been months since I sold, it’s true,
But you could save a lot of money , it’s clear,
If you reduced the size of the crew.

“But good crew are so hard to find”
The Fool muttered to himself.
The Master woke and brief opined:
“Bah! You can get them off the shelf!”

“Sack some crew”, the Trader said,
“They’re a dime a dozen if we need some more!”
Offended, some jumped overboard
And swam off to the shore.

“But”, said the Fool, “and I’ve said it oft before”,
You’ve trimmed well beyond the fat.
The muscle’s gone and the carcass is raw.
You wont get far with that.

With the crew now reduced to three
The ship went nowhere fast.
It sat in the waters of a red ink sea
While others sailed on past.


Perhaps we’re abandoned, perhaps we’re cursed,
It’s hard to tell which one is worst,
We are the Good Ship
The misunderstood ship
But we are either stopped or in reverse.
We are either stopped or in reverse.

(Continued here)


© 2011 J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. I think this mob is running the world - definitely Greece!

  2. I love the into stanzas! On to Fit the Fourth!


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