Sunday, October 23, 2011

CCLIXe - The Good Ship : Fit the Fifth

This is the fifth part of a five-part post. The first part is here.

The Good Ship
An Agony in five Fits.

Fit the Fifth

They sought it with spreadsheets, they sought it with guile
They pursued it without any pity;
They had countless reviews that, once in a while,
Resulted in another committee.

The ocean was red, there was a fearful rip,
The water was full of wrecks;
Strange creatures swam around the ship
With long and scaly necks.

“Rise to the occasion!” the Captain cried
“We’ll give our foe a beating!
Into the jaws of calamity we’ll ride
But first we’ll hold a meeting.”

The Bosun took the minutes, the Captain took the floor,
“I admit that things are looking rather choppy.
But don’t take notes, I have an electronic whiteboard
And can give you all a copy.”

“You plan looks fine, as far as it goes”
Said the Fool, who knew a thing or two.
“If it has a flaw, it is that it truly shows
That you really need some crew.”

Now, finally sensing the coming disaster,
The Captain went down below
And return to the deck with the Trader
And cried “Row, you bastard row!”


The Captain prowls the ship at night
But all the crew have taken flight,
We are the Ghost Ship
The served up on toast ship,
Could the last one out dim the lights.
The lights,
Could the last one out dim the lights?



Thus I woke from my troubled sleep;
It had truly been a dream, most strange.
I marveled that my brain would keep
Such nonsense, within its range.

Surely such a story is fiction at best,
With no chance of it being true?
I cleared my mind of the whole silly mess
And bid the mad dream ‘adieu’.

La Fin.


© 2011 J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Wow! What a wonderful and impressive poetic saga you've written. I admire you ability to write so well in the long poetry form. I find that sort of thing so daunting!

  2. A whole new platform typical of a dream. It went into an uncommon and unconnected series which you had narrated very well. Not bad for a dream but an excellent rendition!


  3. Complete fantasy. Who could possibly relate?

  4. Bravo! That is one amazing and imaginative poetic saga, well done you.
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. Of course you've always got to hold a meeting to beat the subject to death and then do nothing. GReat poem!

  6. Love the artwork on the cards too.

  7. What a wonderful metaphor! Hopefully your life will now go in a more positive direction.

  8. Dreams can be so vivid and scary... I especially like:

    The ocean was red, there was a fearful rip,
    The water was full of wrecks;
    Strange creatures swam around the ship
    With long and scaly necks. me chills.

  9. We always used to say that if you cannot bedazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit!

    Nice work there, your poem and graphics.

  10. That was wonderful! I am a huge fan of Lewis Carroll, so I especially appreciate your tribute to Hunting of the Snark! The ending was brilliant and "fitting"-hold a meeting, of course! Applause, applause!

  11. whew! good thing there's no correlation between dreams and reality..

  12. Lolamouse has it right. You've done a superb job of channeling Lewis Carroll. Technology and networking just don't cut it on the astral plane.

  13. As usual I'm late to the party and, of course, I read the tale in reverse. I find it quite sound and full of understanding - such sardonic mirth!

    If these be your dreams, then what the heck is going on upon waking ???!!!

    Enjoyed thoroughly,

  14. Beautifully, beautifully crafted. You have your own unique style, and I love it


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