Sunday, October 23, 2011

CCLIXd - The Good Ship : Fit the Fourth


The Good Ship
An Agony in five Fits.

Fit the Fourth

They sought it on bridges, they sought it with charts
They even used pivot tables.
They dissected it into it’s component parts
But then could not read any of the labels.

They sailed away for a week and a day
‘Til the landscape looked familiar to some.
It seems they had sailed in a circular way
And were back where they started from.

I think we’re in trouble, the Captain confessed
From the bubbles within his bath.
“Contact Admiralty, send a request
For a pilot to plot our path”.

A pilot in a kilt was reserved
To steer them through the seas.
While no-one heard what he observed,
They all admired his knees.

The Pilot said “I know the way
To reach the Promised Land”
But if the Captain cared he didn’t say
And dismissed him out of hand.

“My lot in life’s is to pilot ships
You’ve a need for me no more”
So he hitched his kilt to his boney hips
And waded to the shore.

They hoisted the sails high up the mast
And sailed on for a day or two.
The Captain turned to the Trader and asked
“Um…does this place look familiar to you?”


No-one knows why we’re here
And how to sail is far from clear
We are the Good Ship
The misunderstood ship
And no-one knows how to steer.
To steer,
And no-one knows how to steer.

(Continued here)


© 2011 J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. You should put this on the stage :) Gilbert and Sullivan move over.

  2. I am so loving this! I agree with Sue-definitely made for a production!


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