Thursday, September 13, 2012

CCCLXXIV - Life's Hinges

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Three Word Wednesday has the prompt that required us to use
'hinge', 'lethal, and 'need' in a work.
Here is one:

Life's Hinges.

Like one of those flip-flop, click-clack, toys
That you used to get on show days,

Life is hinged at multiple points and it cunningly
Will offer alternate choices, alternate ways

To proceed through life.  These  choices
Can vary from the mundane to the truly

Lethal, from the insignificant to the cusp
of disaster and even beyond; do not unduly

Worry about the consequences that flow
From these decisions, they are built on a need

That you may only vaguely be aware of
 And you may be enslaved or you may be freed. 

Your only role is to cope with where they lead.

© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. I like the idea of life hinged at multiple points! I can DEF see that. Clever use of the words.

  2. Nicely done with form and content throughout. We can never be sure which way the hinge will swing; however, worrying too much saps energy, paralyzes. Such is our dilemma.

  3. The thoughts really resonate..but mostly i can hear the sound of the doors swinging on their hinges..wonderful use of alliteration..jae

  4. "Life is hinged at multiple points." That's so very true.

    Meaning there are lots of opportunities for one to become unhinged. So to speak.

  5. Why are you getting my email address?
    True it is dead.We share the same surname do you think that could be a reason.Don't worry ..I am certain that we are not related:)This comment is of course not for publication.
    Just as well it is an expired email address otherwise I might receive all kinds of lewd limmericks in the post:) I am in Indonesia at the moment where I live for a lot of the time but am coming back to Oz next week. Now if you lived in Sydney I would meet you for lunch at Doyles but helas you don't.

    Sydney Sheila

    1. Sydney Sheila, woman of mystery! Pity about Doyles, though the fish will rejoice.

  6. Oh, I couldn't agree more on this either. Life is all about the choices we make, good or bad, and then either enjoy the consequences or take them but, doing nothing is not living either.
    Very nicely said John :)

  7. Beautiful collection thoughts; expressed wonderfully...

  8. I heard the message - just let go...

  9. Love the last line, if only everyone could stop worrying and just go where life takes them.

  10. I'm with Rob-bear - I keep thinking of all the ways I can become unhinged !!


  11. I like the attitude of those people who are thinking of the ways they could become unhinged, and not worrying about how they got there and whether they can get out.
    Thank you - a lovely use of the sparse words you were given.

  12. The hinge of fate, just who knows where fate will lead you. Keep calm, don't be surprised, it may be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Great post to ponder over.

  13. Hinges are also used to close doors, or possibilities, and in the context of Fate can be useful in preventing dire circumstances from arising. Very profound poem.

  14. Love the way you described life :-)

  15. Added another line, the 2nd last one. I thought the last rhyme needed reinforcement.

  16. mundane vs. lethal
    insignificant vs. cusp of disaster or beyond


    I wouldn't mind something in the middle.

  17. "Unhinged" has a special meaning for the mentally ill, and I must say, there were hinges attached to doors through which I should never have wandered. In retrospect, I realize it was all about choices, and the more I take care of myself, the more I'm "hinged"! Thanks for elaborating on an everyday device we all take for granted. Like this, Cos, very much. Peace, Amy


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