Saturday, September 29, 2012

CCCLXXXIV - Tiramisu


A lot of things came together for this post.

1. A friend made a delicious Tiramisu and suggested the recipe sounded erotic.
2. A 'Baby Shower' for my daughter-in-law turned thoughts to Dr Seuss.
3. Theme Thursday had a food prompt.

So two Tiramisu offerings:

Dr TiramiSeuss

A wonderful beast
is the Tiramisu
Not to be found 
in the average zoo.

It has sponge fingers 
But nobody knows
If this magical beast
has any toes.


Tiramisu, for Two

Organic ingredients
Softly, oh so 
Lightly whipped

Smooth and creamy,
Fingers then, 
Sweetly dipped

Continue then, 
Layer upon layer
Until complete.

Lay, to rest, 
To refresh
Lightly dusted, 


© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. the first verse is delightful! and the second delights the senses!

  2. Yum. To both. And have you ever noticed how many cooking terms would not be out of place in an manual for sado masochists?

  3. Oh how I would love to eat that piece in the picture. This is probably my favorite dessert. My hubby makes it at Christmas time and I try to talk him into keeping it at home but no he always wants to share it. What can I say but I wish he would make it more often.

    I really enjoyed both of the poems, the first is full of delight and the second one is delightful.

    A great take on the prompt and thank you so much for playing with this weeks Theme Thursday. Now if I could only talk hubby into making some.

    God bless.

  4. I love your ingredients...the last stanza on your second poem is so beautiful. Indeed, I enjoyed both...yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy....
    Mine is here

  5. Very well done, on both accounts!
    Fun and sensuous :)

  6. Oh, dear. I've not had breakfast yet, and already you've got me thinking of desert.

    I think Tiramisu would be wonderful for Saturday brunch. Followed by some Sherry Trifle.

  7. haha...i love the playfulness of the first one...that is awesome....there is a nice sensuality in that second one...but then again that is dessert...

  8. Oh what sweet delights!

    Dr TiramiSeuss - lush!

    Anna :o]

  9. Beyond the absolutely magical Tiramisu we get a sweet and magical serve of verse. Excellent.

  10. You realize you're killing me...

  11. I love tiramisu ~ The first one is funny while the second -oh so lightly taste delicious


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