Friday, September 28, 2012

CCCLXXXIII - What Comes By Chance


Three Word Wednesday asks us to write a piece using three nominated words. 
This week they are 'entice', 'chance' and 'savour'.
I chose to do a rondeau.  Again.

What comes by chance

What comes by chance should not displace
But add to what is first in place.
Our life cannot be ‘either-or’,
Nor should we be keeping score,
But enticing the new onto our shore
To savour and to soft encase
And, with an absence of disgrace,
Be willing to oft explore
What comes by chance.

There is an element of grace
In taking the new into our space,
In being willing to ignore
The risks of opening up some more
And with a joyous heart embrace
What comes by chance.

© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. Yes, a recurring theme at the moment.

    1. But an interesting and necessary theme to explore, and you write about it so beautifully

  2. The joy of what comes by chance is that you can incorporate it if it seems helpful, or set it aside if it does not. But first you have to explore what comes by chance.

  3. I love chance and spontaneity!

  4. Anything that comes by chance should be welcomed :-)

  5. 'And with a joyous heart embrace
    What comes by chance.'

    Thank you. I will take this couplet away as something to aspire to.

  6. Really enjoyed this, the last verse is wonderful...thank you for stopping by. Visit anytime.

  7. Perfect (and beautiful)!

    Anna :o]

  8. Lovely .... an element of grace .... and an element of fear when opening up one's heart. A sweet reminder.


  9. Face it, J Cosmo, you can write...

  10. Thought provoking poem.With a joyous heart embrace chance but be prepared for it at some stage to hit you over the head with a brick bat so best wear a crash helmet at all times:)

    Sydney Wall Flower disappointed that the weather is too like Melbourne at the moment. What happened to Spring?

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