Friday, September 21, 2012

CCCLXXIX - The Nestling


Three Word Wednesday asks us to write a piece using three nominated words.  
This week they are 'absolute', 'fall' and 'nestle'.
I chose to do a rondeau.

The Nestling
Dedicated to a most lovely lady.

I do so love to nestle in,
To feel the touch of skin on skin.
Few pleasures are so absolute,
So in touch with my primal root,
So full of love, devoid of sin,
So touching of the needs within,
As melding with my matching twin.
It is a base need, felt acute,
I do so love.

To fall in to their arms’ akin
To both submit and then begin.
It is a delight, sweet and cute,
The entwined result of a pursuit,
Embracing the love found therein,
I do so love.

© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. Beautiful rondeau. Yes, the feel of skin on skin definitely cannot be surpassed. This poem makes me feel warm.

  2. I do so love what you did with this challenge. Sensual, beautiful and truly evocative. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful, you manage to evoke both the feeling of the first time you are with someone and the comfort that comes when you have been with someone for much longer.

  4. Trust and comfort are utterly primal..when they disappear from 'your' life things really turn dark..jae

  5. There's truly nothing like nestling in!

  6. Nice poetry, love does that to us. :-)

  7. Ah- the joys of nestling! So well written.

  8. I loved it ... sensual and so full of love :-)

  9. Spooning skin to skin,is a touching delight with one you love.
    Lovingly put Cosmo.


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