Saturday, December 21, 2013

646 : The Knight Errant

Prompted by recent events,
But really just a fictional doodle.

The Knight Errant.
Wherever do you keep your horse?
And who scoops up the crap it leaves behind?” 
― Myra McEntire.

Waving the flag for a lady,
And fighting whom she decrees,
He’s a member of a tiny band
Who few can really understand
And, acting rather mercenary,
Doing what is necessary
To be the perfect emissary,
Valiant knight from another land,
Waving the flag.

The lady, of course, can clearly see
The perfect opportunity
To remove the knights she cannot stand.
And if they think they’ll win her hand,
The chivalrous will always be
Waving the flag.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2013
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  1. Fictional? Your first rondeau for a while.

    1. Yeah, it grew to a form rather than a story. Started with a phrase 'Waving the flag' after Dodo Man appeared from nowhere to defend Rallentanda. Four syllable phrases make me ponder rondeaus. (Rondeaux?) That then moves to the idea of chivalry but from there the poem really moved back to the middle ages and the (mis)uses of a compliant knight.

  2. when i see a woman holding a sword, i run like hell........

  3. Most assuredly not
    The Lady of Shalott.

  4. Oh, those wicked women. As always, J Cosmo, a pure delight. You craft the most balanced and perfect poems.

  5. Ah yes - power to us women! ;-)

  6. Another thought provoking piece. Thanks.

  7. Oh, so tempting to swing that thing horizontally.... Oops.. That was my evil alter ego. Ignore her.
    Nice poem as usual, Cosmo! I don't need a knight, but I do truly appreciate gentlemen.

  8. You're in fine form, as usual... Glad you visited my blog.

  9. Well, if unhappy, at hand for the pretty Miss...
    Slicing off the fellow's ear, Wilkinson's Kiss.
    Alas, there are worse ways he might have died....
    than having ones heart cut out, cast aside.
    Just left behind and forgotten, or ignored.
    Rattle his cage only when she's bored.

    Or of course, she could always marry the chap.
    Later he'll find that to be the greatest mishap.
    ("honey, could you move the couch over there?
    and put the buffet on the wall, now shown bare?
    No no, that's not it. That's not quite really right.
    Maybe put them back again," and on till all hours of the night)


  10. They are never satisfied. Always wanting you to skewer some orther poor fellow.


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