Sunday, February 02, 2014

677 : Noah's Emissaries

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #146) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are:

balance, edge, alternate, former, open, others,
sense, potential, tiptoed, synergy, bucolic, miss

Noah’s Emissaries

Shipped out into the world
Two by two,
House by house,
Neat and clean, 
A little too much so, if truth be known.
Where others have hidden 
Behind curtains,
Would have tiptoed away,
I would have opened my door 
And shown them in,
We had a synergy, we did:
Game on.

Tell me, I used to ask them,
Do you believe in Zeus?
Or Ra?  Or Shiva?  Or Mother Goose?
Is golf played in heaven?
And what of fairies, elves and trolls??
And what do the placid lions eat?
And is the bread flat or leaven?
Are there raging thunderstorms
And hot and stormy summer nights?
Can I still roast my meat
Or is lunch forever salad rolls?
Do pretty flowers ever die?
Can my Granny see me have a shower?
Are Brussels Sprouts there, as well?
Or are they the exclusive food of Hell?
And do those folk with Alzheimer’s disease
Spend eternity looking for their keys?
I often sensed they were a bit on edge
And tried to hedge their answers too
But these are the questions,
That, on balance, 
I needed them to give me answers to.

Those door to door 
Purveyors of an alternate religion,
With their bucolic visions
Of a sunny and grassy heaven,
With lions beside the lambs,
All sunshine and light,

And young children
Gambolling through 
Fields of flowers—
They don’t visit me any more.
They are former visitors now,
I think my gatepost bears a mark
“Demons live inside this park”
So they don’t visit as before,
Two by two, at my door,
They had such potential
To explore the things 
So distant from
The daily list of 
Hum-drum chores.
I miss them 
Now that they have gone.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2014

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  1. Wow! You've done yourself proud here, Cosmo! :)

  2. excellent in both the writing and the content. I shouldn't miss them much if I were fact, they don't say anything worth missing.

  3. I enjoyed this. My husband asked them where the Land of Nod was once, and they'd never heard of it. He hoiked out the Bible and found it in there, but they still didn't know. I told them I didn't want to be saved.
    As for Brussels Sprouts - ambrosia! How can you think they are food served up in Hell????
    I liked the comics. I sent my sister in the UK (who goes to church) a fridge magnet that said 'I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa all the time' Made her giggle. I see yours is hiding behind the curtains :)

  4. The sad part is that in their I eyes you are forever damned for questioning their human viewpoint. For believers the unknowing is probably worth the wait, like Christmas!

  5. When spring comes and I see "two by two" walking down the street, I'm almost tempted to take down our No Solicitors sign just to be able to ask some of these questions!

  6. A good philosophical argument always adds to a morning..i hadn't thought that most religious callers come in pairs..did Jesus have a belly button is always a good one to toss in as well..

  7. I used to engage them in conversation, let them get comfortable, then start asking the questions. Not about brussel sprouts. It was fun to watch their expressions when they realized I had actually read the book. Like the tone you chose and the list of questions. They made me laugh and remember,


  8. ... and they are always on bikes wearing suits!

  9. My partner, a former one himself, has threatened to have them arrested for trespassing. Sorry we just don't have time, for those who judge so righteously, while bike riding. Sure it is fine, if you are one of them, how can they be so out of touch with anyone else?

  10. Oh I sincerely hope there are Brussel sprouts in heaven... or am i destined to doom for loving them?

  11. Interesting..Brussel sprouts in heaven...haha!
    Nicely penned.

  12. Love this one, J Cosmo. Thank you for waxing philosophically. I don't like brussel sprouts. Ew.

  13. I smiled all the way through this. I have wondered the same thing about whether the Faithful Departed can see me having a shower. I so hope not! Loved all the questions! You have outdone yourself in wittiness this week!

  14. This is so witty and clever. The questions are great. In fact the whole poem is terrific. I like the serious content within a humorous, tongue in cheek style. I like the cartoons too.

  15. Why is the sea boiling hot? Do pigs have wings? All the indeterminable questions. Asked or not asked.

    I can believe you enjoyed your visitors — well enough to play with them. And now their gone, and you miss them?

    Life can be very strange.

    Peace and joy!

  16. Cosmo wit at its best! The questions create the most impact. Brilliant shot! But I still like Brussels Sprouts!


  17. Fun and enjoyable piece… well done!

  18. brilliant! I wish I could stop them visiting me too, they always seem to come when I'm in the shower! :)

  19. still as cagey a poet as ever. enough to best a rottweiler? grrherhahaha. I love my Jehovah witnesses and look forward to their visits. I try and match them word for word with my own hybridized druidish schixx. good to see you, and great poem. but what else is new?


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