Saturday, May 24, 2014

706 : The Roulette Player

It is easier for the mare when a woman gets off the cart. 
– Russian Proverb.

The Roulette Player

The job is yours, you said.
Make it work!
And make it work I did,
An auditor was impressed,
Best he’d seen, he said.
Anywhere, he said.
That felt really good.

But then, 
When I was away,
Why did you have to play with it?
Why does it no longer work?
Do you realize how 
Your embarrassed smile
And obscuring excuses 

Click.  Click. Click.
Are you a gambler?
How many chambers 
Of my temper
Are empty?
© J Cosmo Newbery 2014

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  1. Sadly, the chambers of my temper are NEVER empty. Sometimes the safety catch is on, but they are never, ever empty.

  2. Ever seen that sign in the shops "If you break it, it's yours"?

    1. What if I break the Little Commissar? Will I have to keep him?

  3. A common scenario. The person probably gets paid more.... is in a senior position and has deep resentment of you because you know more than he does ...takes advantage while you are away to screw everything up should be a boss , preferably with your own business...I am. I ring a friend and tell him to order me to do my paper work because I am not good at bossing myself about...but I am scared of him and I do what he says:)

  4. Mine are all loaded. I keep a back-up in store.


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